Disney surpasses Netflix. The number of subscribers to its streaming platforms has reached 221.1 million. But now the rates will rise

The gap is minimal, and perhaps temporary, but it gives quite the idea of ​​what is happening in the platform market of streaming. In the last few hours Disney + announced the new data on its subscribers: with the second quarter of 2022 the platform born in November 2019 has reached 221.1 million subscribers. Figure that is calculated by adding the paying users of Hulu And ESPN +all owned Disney. For 400 thousand subscribers has therefore managed to overtake Netflix, but stops at 220.7 million subscribers. The reasons for the overtaking, even exceeding the expectations of shareholders, are several. Some of them can be found in exclusive content, starting with series based on franchise from Marvel And Star Wars. In part they also derive from the sports rights acquired by Disney, like those on the cricket championship of India (even if they are about to expire now). The increase of followers was also celebrated by Bob ChapekCEO of Disney:

“We’ve had an excellent quarter. Our global business and content teams have provided exceptional performance in a variety of areas: from theme parks, to increasing the general public in live sports, to significant growth in subscribers to our streaming services. “

The new rates for streaming

After the increase in subscribers, Disney + is already thinking about rmodulate its offers. Specifically, the platform is considering raising subscription prices at the end of the year. From 8 December the cost of the standard profile in the United States will go down to $ 10.99 per monththus increasing by 3 dollars. Not only. The company will introduce a subscription to a streaming service that also includes the broadcast of advertising for a cost of $ 7.99 per month.

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