Disney +: the program for the month of September 2023

Back-to-school time has come. And if Disney+ was able to offer us entertaining content during the summer holidays, the streaming service returns with a new schedule that will accompany us throughout September. In the program ? Animation, suspense, love and laughter.

That’s it, the rhythm picks up. No more lounging on a deckchair, you will have to follow class or work schedules, deadlines, homework and other daily constraints. Before pouting: don’t worry, film and series releases are always there to entertain us. Indeed, to bring a little levity to its subscribers, Disney + has concocted a program dense with new features to come on its platform. It is therefore impossible to let the gloom of September play on our morale!

06/09: My name is Groot, season 2

Fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy and more precisely of the humanoid tree Groot, in its version baby, will be delighted. After a first season broadcast in August 2022, the series returns for five new episodes in a season 2 which still promises to be just as funny. This time, Baby Groot goes on an adventure in the universe. He explores this immensity aboard the spaceships of Marvel’s funniest team. The little being will meet creatures and environments that are still unknown. It promises !

09/13: The Other Black Girl

Change of atmosphere with this new series which joins the catalog of the platform with big ears. Nella (Sinclair Daniel) is an editorial assistant at a large company. In addition to being subjected to pressure and multiple demands from her superiors, she is also the only black person in the company. So when she is promoted and Hazel, also a black woman, takes her job, our heroine can only be thrilled. Except that past this period of joy to have found in Hazel (Ashleigh Murray, Riverdale) a friend and accomplice, Nella senses that shady things are going on… Enthusiasm gives way to immense concern.

09/20: Irresistible

It is the first French romantic comedy to land on Disney+. So impossible to miss! The singer and actress Camélia Jordana slips into the skin of Adèle, a creator of podcasts on love which meet with real success. During a signing session at the release of her book, she meets Arthur (Théo Navarro-Mussy). The latter is a mathematician and does not believe in love at first sight. Yet it is immediate between the two. But, strange fact: Adele is the victim of major anxiety attacks in his presence. She suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder linked to her previous history. The young woman must then stay away from Arthur, but the heart has its reasons…

09/22: Stalked

Those who are fond of thrills should love this film. It centers on Brynn Adams (Kaitlyn Dever), a creative and talented young woman leading a lonely life being shunned by her community. It is within the walls of her home that she finds comfort. But one night, she is awakened by strange noises. Then begins a breathless face-to-face between the protagonist and… extraterrestrial creatures. Monsters that threaten her future and also confront her with her past.

“Hunted”, the thriller of the month for September on Disney+ – The Walt Disney Company

09/28: The Kardashians, season 4

The most popular reality TV empire and the most followed on social networks is back for a fourth season on Disney+. “More fun, more family, more pain and so much more drama”, warn the Kardashian sisters very clearly. The family members will make their fans live their ups and downs, their daily lives, professional and personal.

September, the month of the little ones on Disney+

On September 8, several short films for toddlers will make their debut on the Mickey platform:

  • country ball
  • Pluto has cravings
  • The Babies of the Ocean
  • Mickey’s Kangaroo
  • Pluto juggler
  • Junior Pluto

And many more programs to come…


  • The Griffinsseason 21
  • Justified: City Primeval


  • Closer to Animals with Bertie Gregory
  • Eden 17
  • Han River Police


  • The Residentseason 5
  • This Foolseason 2


  • BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood WarSeason 2 finale episodes

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