Disney trial of Scarlett Johansson of Classification

In late July, actress Scarlett Johansson accused Disney of breaching the contract regarding her compensation for the movie “Black Widow.” The actress had a guaranteed share of the cinema distribution profits in the contract, meanwhile, the film went not only to cinemas, but also to the Disney + streaming service, as a result of which its revenues in traditional distribution decreased significantly. Johansson was to lose $ 50 million.

In response, Disney stated, inter alia, that “there is no basis for this action. The lawsuit is sad and disturbing because of the soulless disregard for the terrifying and long-lasting global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. ” Johansson’s response was to “shock”. There have been rumors that Emma Stone and Emily Blunt want to follow in the footsteps of the actress with their own lawsuits (for the hybrid distribution model of “Cruelli” and “Jungle Tours” respectively).

Black Widow gave Disney $ 125 million. online income

Following the lawsuit, Disney decided to stop working with Johansson. This means resignation from joint projects, because the actress was supposed to produce a film based on one of Disneyland’s attractions, “Tower of Terror”, in which she was also supposed to play.

On Friday, Disney announced that its lawyers had filed a motion in a Los Angeles court to transfer the proceedings to arbitration. This one would be held behind closed doors, not in a public trial.

According to USA Today, Disney’s lawyer Daniel Petrocelli claimed in the application that the contract between Disney and Periwinkle Entertainment Inc. representing Johansson included a provision that all disputes would be resolved by “binding arbitration” in New York.

Disney in the application revealed that “Black Widow” earned him $ 125 million. online income.

The actress’s proxy, John Berlinski, reacted to the company’s decision. “Following an immediate response to our lawsuit, which was the misogyny attack on Scarlett Johansson, Disney is now – otherwise foreseeable – concealing its misconduct through confidential arbitration. Why is Disney so afraid of a public trial? that he breached the terms of the contract. We are looking forward to presenting all the evidence against the company, “commented the lawyer in the statement.

Time for VOD

Disney + service launched in November 2019. The library has series, companies and programs produced, among others by Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Television, and under the Marvel, National Geographic, Pixar and Star Wars brands.

Currently, Disney + is available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Austria, France, Spain, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Monaco, Germany, Great Britain and Italy.

It has recently been reported that the platform will appear in Poland in mid-2022.

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Disney + brakes in America, grows in India

In May this year. it was reported that in early April on Disney + the account had 103.6 million subscribers globally. This result was lower than expected by Wall Street analysts – they predicted that the website’s base will have approx. 110.3 million customers.

Average revenue per subscriber decreased by 29%. up to $ 3.99 per month due to the introduction of a cheaper version of the platform in India (under the name Disney + Hotstar).

Now The Informaton website released unofficial figures according to which currently the global number of Disney + subscribers exceeds 110 million.

According to this information, at the beginning of July this year. In North America, 38 million subscribers used Disney +. It means that in the last six months, only one million new users of the platform came to this market.

It is completely different in India, where Disney + takes place within six months recorded an increase in subscribers at the level of 12 million, which makes this country one of the key development areas for the website.

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According to the Mediapanel survey, Netflix remains the undisputed leader in VoD services in Poland, ahead of CDA Premium and Player.

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