Disposed on the weekend, He Monk stood at 5 million followers on Instagram


The tenth voted out of the WEEK 20, Prior to it reached 5 million followers on Instagram. The ex-brother, was about 4 million when she left the reality show last Tuesday (may 31).

In celebration, the fans of the brazilian architect, created the in “Five million people in the University”, which was one of the topics most talked about on Twitter, and occupying a position in the you can see the full topics the social networking site.


Felipe and the Priest was in the tenth disposed of the issue with the 56,73% of the vote, in a vote that broke the guinness world record of the votes cast on the reality tv show, surpassing the mark of 1.5 billion votes. The brother has lost the race of Manu, and She received 42,51% and 0,76% respectively.

The crowd

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