Disturbing data from Australia. More Covid-19 cases in 3 days than in the whole of last year

Alarming news about the coronavirus pandemic comes from Australia. There were more Covid-19 cases in Victoria in the first three days of the year than in the entire 2020. Such information was provided by the news.com.au news service.

In the last day in Victoria alone, 8,577 new cases were recorded.

In Australia, there was also the highest increase in daily morbidity compared to the previous peak in the country.

20,794 new cases of Covid-19 infection were detected in New South Wales (NSW) on Sunday. Most of the 140 thousand active cases in NSW are the cases of Omikron. This variant was first detected in Australia on December 2, 2020.

In both states, the 20-29 age group is the most active. Victoria and NSW authorities told residents that hospitalizations are the most important determinant of this wave of the epidemicand not new cases of infection.

In NSW and Victoria, 1204 and 491 people infected with Covid-19 are hospitalized, respectively, and 95 and 56, respectively, are in intensive care units.

Two new locally transferred cases of Covid-19 infection caused Western Australia to make a decision extend the obligation to wear masks in closed rooms until Friday. This restriction was originally intended to be in force until Tuesday.

It will also be obligatory proof of vaccination in “high risk places” such as nightclubs, pubs, events with over 500 participants. There are currently 45 active cases of Covid-19 infection in the state.

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard reported that many of the covid hospital records tested positive for Covid-19 upon admission to the hospital for bone injuries, labor pains, and mental health problems, and not because of severe symptoms of infection.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he would call for a clear definition of Covid-19-related hospitalization.

We need a standardized definition of Covid-19 hospitalizations as this is a key aspect (epidemic – editor’s note), which we should bear in mind now – said the prime minister.

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