Disturbing rumors about the relationship between Piotr Żyła and Marcelina Ziętek. They write about the crisis, these signs give food for thought

Marcelina Ziętek, Piotr Żyła
Author: Instagram of Marcelina Ziętek / CyfraSport
Marcelina Ziętek, Piotr Żyła

Piotr Żyła has flourished in recent months! The popular jumper adored by fans was carried on the wings of love with a young actress, Marcelina Ziętek. Unfortunately, disturbing rumors suddenly surfaced about their relationship. “Pudelek” described a few signs that they believe may indicate a crisis! It is really puzzling!

Marcelina Ziętek and Piotr Żyła hid their relationship for many weeks. In the end, however, the young actress of the series “19+” and the jumper revealed that they are in a relationship and share their happiness together. The joint photos were the perfect proof that everything in their relationship is doing well. Has the hot feeling slowly started to fade away? Disturbing rumors appeared on the Pudelek.pl portal. The editors have cited several signs that they believe are supposed to indicate this. It is really surprising!

What about the relationship of Marcelina Ziętek and Piotr Żyła?

Smiles and idyll are over? There are no serious signs of any kind. The same applies to the official positions of an athlete and an actress. The first sign is the fact that Marcelina Ziętek is not watching her lover. Until recently, she eagerly left likes on various posts, but that’s the past. We haven’t seen joint photos for a long time. The last post under which Marcelina was marked comes from holidays …

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See bold photos of Marcelina Ziętek in the gallery below! It gets hot right away!

Journalists of “Pudelka” are also worried that the actress did not support the jumper during the competitions inaugurating the season. She always posted photos on Instagram, watching the competition and cheering her beloved, and it was not like that during the Nizhny Tagil competition … There was also no support after a weaker start.

World Cup 2021/2022

The Ski Jumping World Cup started last weekend in Nizhny Tagil. The leader after the first weekend is German Karl Geiger. Halvor Egner Granerud is 20 points behind him. The highest Pole is Kamil Stoch – he is in twelfth place.

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Do you support the association of Piotr Żyła and Marcelina Ziętek?

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