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The Superbonus could undergo a new revision. The 110% maxi-reduction could turn into one more contained between 60 and 70%, guaranteed for the long termor another option to diversify it on the basis of two elements: the income of the beneficiary or the type of property on which the work is carried out.


For example, the percentage could be higher if it is the first (non-luxury) house that needs to be renovated and it becomes smaller if the work is on the second house. These are some of the options on which Fratelli d’Italia would be thinking to give a new order to building bonuses. This was reported by sources inside the party, who also reaffirm the desire to protect the situations already open, so as not to prejudice neither the families that have made debt nor the companies that are engaged in the construction sites linked to the Superbonus.

Step by step

The squeeze on the Superbonus, as well as on the Citizenship Income, was one of the main themes of the electoral campaign. And a theme that creates many fears in the construction world. The Nadef (Update to the document on economics and finance) foresees a slowing GDP next year and this could push the future Prime Minister to reduce public spending, making cash and cuts. Some modifications could already be taken into account in the drafting of the 2023 budget law. After a series of anti-corruption stops attempted by the incumbent Prime Minister Mario Draghi, the circulation of tax credits linked to the Superbonus has recently been unblocked. According to what leaks from party sources, Giorgia Meloni intends to immediately support those companies that have accounts with tax credits and blocked jobs. The next step is a total overhaul of the entire system of building bonuses which should not exceed 80% of the expenses incurred, mainly facilitating the first homes.

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