Divorce proceedings have officially begun! –Grazia

The love story between Dalton Gomez and Ariana Grande is definitely over. After two years of marriage, the media TMZ announced that the ex-couple had initiated divorce proceedings and that there was no going back.

According to the media, the legal documents would state “irreconcilable differences”. Among the causes, we note precisely the latest scandal: Ariana Grande’s recent relationship with Ethan Slater, a comedian, with whom she went out a few days after her separation from Dalton Gomez.

A formalized divorce

According to TMZ, this separation between Ariana Grande and singer Dalton Gomez still dates back to January, even if the announcement was made in July 2023. As a reminder, it was during the Wimbeldon tournament, which took place at the beginning July, when rumors began regarding Ariana Grande’s marriage. The reason ? She no longer wore her wedding ring. Since TMZ’s announcement, Ariana Grande has not spoken out about her divorce. The same goes for Dalton Gomez.

Ariana Grande’s regrets

For his part, Ethan Slater, at the heart of the controversy in recent weeks, has also launched divorce proceedings with his wife. While the two stars have both initiated official procedures, Internet users are convinced that the couple is still in perfect love. To be continued…

In the meantime, Ariana Grande is making headlines on another subject, particularly cosmetic surgery. A few days ago, we relayed an interview with the singer on Grazia. At 30, the star now assumes her appearance without surgery and has even declared that she regrets certain injections: “To be completely transparent, as a beauty addict, I have had tons of fillers injected over the years. And Botox. I stopped in 2018 because I felt so…too much”. She added: “For a long time, beauty was a way for me to hide, and now I feel like that might not be the case anymore since I stopped getting lip injections and Botox.”. An inspiring message.

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