Dj Massimo Alberti, who is he? / The beginnings at 13 and the support of his brother Massimo, his ‘teacher’

Who is dj Massimo Alberto, who plays at Arena Suzuki 60 ′ 70 ′ 80 ′ and… 90 ′ with Amadeus

Massimo Albertiknown to all as dj Massimo, is one of the historical names of RTL 102.5. He is a famous DJ in Italy and abroad and the Rai1 audience finds him alongside Amadeus in the Arena Suzuki program 60 ′ 70 ′ 80 ′ and… 90 ′. Dj Massimo started doing this job from the age of 13 and his talent has made him known also abroad, from Spain to Greece as well as in Italy. Over the years he has also worked with great singers, to name a few: Biagio Antonacci, Marco Mengoni but also Duran Duran.

Massimo Alberti lives in Milan and is well known not only in the field of music but also of TV and entertainment. Speaking of private life, of DJ Massimo little is known. What we know, as points out, is that he has a brother, Massimo, who seems to have been a real teacher for him, and who would have constantly supported him in his career as a disc jockey. It would therefore have been an important hand and support for the long course of his successful career.


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