DLAR TODAY: How much is the city bank official deal this Tuesday, August 15th

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  • How much is the official dollar deal today, Tuesday, August 15th?
  • The market after each STEP looks for equity opportunities

he Official dollar today tuesday 15th of August is traded at $ $347.50, $365.50 when purchased for sale It appears on the screen of Bank Nation. Yesterday, the currency appreciated 69.50 pesos after the government announced that the official exchange rate would remain above $365 until the October elections.

Exporters took advantage of the official exchange rate devaluation ordered by the central bank on Monday. They did this through a strong currency liquidation, which ultimately helped the central government to reap significant profits. positive balance, Amid heightened market uncertainty following the results of STEP.

The monetary authority recorded positive balances on Monday. $220 million, This has made up for some of the earlier losses. At the same time, net purchases for the month increased to approximately US$355 million, while the annual negative balance remains approximately US$3.2 billion.

behind 22% valuation drop According to economic team officials, the central government-mandated regime has seen wholesale prices exceed around $350 and retail prices above $366, with large currency settlements observed on the official exchange market.

Today’s dollar: What is the city bank official quote this Monday, August 14

Moreover, they said that in the next few days the central government continue to post positive balances Foreign exchange interventions will continue to recover some of the foreign exchange reserves, and this will be supplemented by dollar spending by the International Monetary Fund.

As for him dollar blue Today Tuesday 15th August Collect 35 pesos and is traded at $710 for sale, $720 for purchase It experienced a surge of 80 pesos after the 22% devaluation decided by the BCRA.

ace, blue currency gap is located in 97% regarding official dollar and in 106% compared to wholesalers. the free dollar $374 from the beginning of the year.

How much is the official dollar deal today, Tuesday, August 15th?

about, dollar formal Today Tuesday 15th of August is traded at Selling for $365.50 on screen at Banco Nacional.

he official dollar Each bank/financial institution surveyed by City Portia is listed below. BCRA:

Galicia Bank and Buenos Aires SAU 348,500 368,500
Argentina National Bank 347,550 365,450
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Argentina) SAU 349,400 367,000
Bank Supervielle SA 349,500 365,500
Bank of Buenos Aires City
Patagonia Bank SA 345,000 365,000
Banco Santander Argentina SA 345,000 365,000
Bluebank Sau 350,000 370,000
HSBC Bank Argentina SA 345,000 365,000
Credit Corp Bank Ltd. 347,510 365,450
Banco Itaú Argentina SA 347,000 366,000
Macro SA Bank 348,500 368,500
Piano Bank SA 349,800 362,432
Change Online SA 349,000 359,000

The market after each STEP looks for equity opportunities

Stocks fell after Javier Milay’s win and Juntos Por El Cambio’s slump.

butthe election deal could persist and analysts continue to see value in Argentine stocks.

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