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An Nvidia rep on Reddit made it clear that DLSS 3 it will not be exclusive to video cards RTX 4000 but it will also be partially supported by the series graphics cards RTX 30 and 20contrary to what was hinted at in yesterday’s presentation.

We emphasize the “partially”, as certainly the most interesting aspect of version 3.0, or the Optical Multi Frame Generation will be the prerogative exclusive to the RTX 40 series as it is based on fourth generation Tensor Cores and as explained by the company spokesperson “support for previous GPU architectures require further innovation in optical flow and in the optimization of AI”.

RTX 4090

RTX 4090

On the other hand, the new versions of technologies Super Resolution and Nvidia Reflex instead they will also be supported by the RTX 30 and 20 series GPUs.

“DLSS Super Resolution and Nvidia Reflex will obviously be supported on previous generations of hardware, so a larger group of customers will continue to benefit from the new DLSS 3 integrations. We continue to train AI for DLSS Super Resolution and will provide updates for all RTX GPUs. “said the Nvidia rep.

If you missed yesterday’s news, Nvidia officially unveiled the RTX 4080 and 4090 video cards, here are details and prices.

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