Do collagen supplements really work or are they a trend?

The evergreen Jennifer Aniston, a perfect example of perennial, has been using them for years now. Collagen supplements are part of every beauty addict’s arsenal. With good reason: this protein, the most abundant in our body, is a kind of “glue” that forms a network of fibers that support the connective tissue of the skin and make it young and plumped up. After the age of 25 it is produced less and less by our body: it is therefore logical to try to reintegrate it, to maintain the elastic and compact skin. However, the debate on the effectiveness of collagen supplements is still open. Are they really worth taking? Are they a good investment or a waste of time? And which ones to choose, given that they are offered in marine, bovine, vegan, and powder, liquid, or capsule collagen versions?

Below, 10 questions to find the right collagen supplement. Answers Shabir Daya, pharmacist and co-founder of Victoria Health, an e-store that is always reliable when it comes to natural health & beauty.

Which type of collagen is most effective for the skin? Marino, bovine? And does “vegan” collagen really exist?
“Marine collagen is undoubtedly the best choice, because its size is already smaller initially, which makes it easier to digest and absorb. Vegan collagen doesn’t exist, but herbs like astragalus and nutrients like fulvic acid are known to improve collagen synthesis. “

In what form is collagen best assimilated? Hydrolyzed?
“Collagen is a very large molecule that cannot be absorbed through the gut unless it is broken down into particles called peptides. Hydrolysis breaks down collagen into smaller particles of varying sizes. Through this process, collagen peptides (if of a certain size) may be able to pass from the intestine to the bloodstream ”.

Is it a liquid, powder, or capsule supplement?
“Liquids should theoretically work faster, but only if they are absorbed effectively and not destroyed by stomach acid. In the case of collagen, unless liposomal collagen is used, a capsule works better, because if the collagen is not protected by stomach acid it will be degraded, and therefore less useful for the body ”.

So what characteristics does a collagen supplement need to have to survive stomach acids?
“A good collagen supplement should be protected with either a bubble like a liposome, or
with a capsule that degrades after passing through the stomach, releasing collagen peptides
in the intestine, from where they can be absorbed “.

Should collagen supplements be truly effective, should they include active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or vitamin C?

“Collagen, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid work synergistically in the skin to help restore elasticity and strength, encourage hydration and so on – so yes, these nutrients are very useful when combined. Vitamin C contributes specifically to the formation of collagen for the normal functioning of the skin “.

When should we take a collagen supplement? Morning, evening? On an empty stomach, with meals?
“You can take collagen at any time of the day, but since our body is involved in a repair process during the night, it is preferable to take it before going to sleep. And on an empty stomach, because when you eat your body produces a lot more acid than it can
destroy part of the collagen “.

How long should we take a collagen supplement to see results on the skin?
“As with any supplement, I recommend taking it for at least three months to measure its effectiveness.”

Do collagen supplements also have an effect on the skin on the body?
“Collagen certainly has an impact on the whole body and therefore helps to reinforce the function of the skin barrier, and to obtain a firmer and more toned skin of the body”.

Bottom line, is it really worth investing in a good collagen supplement to keep skin supple and firm?
“It is essential to use a good collagen supplement, not only from an aesthetic point of view. In addition to our skin, hair and nails, also our ligaments, muscles, tendons and even bones
they contain collagen, and collagen gives strength to all these structures. Without an adequate level of collagen our bodies become weaker, and ultimately cannot support our limbs ”.

Do you recommend any particular products? If so, why?
“I recommend Ultimate Collagen from Ingenious Beauty, because it overcomes all the obstacles mentioned above. It is derived from marine collagen, so the particles are smaller, it provides collagen peptides of limited size, so that they can be absorbed, it is inserted into the shell of a capsule that protects the collagen from stomach acid, releasing it in the intestine , and contains powerful nutrients such as hyaluronic acid and astaxanthin that work together to help achieve youthful skin and body. “

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