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As absurd as it may seem, there are cases in which it is much better not to stop at the motorway restaurant. Of course, it is something very common, and, during a trip, or any long journey, it is convenient, as well as spontaneous, to stop at the motorway restaurant, as well as for necessity. But there are still cases to avoid, let’s see which ones.

Do you want or need, while driving on the highway, of stop at a Autogrill? If certain conditions are met, it is better not to stop and postpone your own stage further on along the way. But what is it more specifically? Of which conditions let’s talk?

One of the many rest and refreshment points on the motorway. Unless there are certain conditions, it is better not to stop.

When you stop at a motorway restaurant, it would be very important to have the clear view of your car, when you take the coffee, and even better if you stay in the car in turn, if you are in company. If you are not in company it is already a penalizing fact, and, if you find yourself in the need to leave your car in a point not visible from the bar of the motorway, it is better to leave it alone.

What you risk is to pay a very high price for the coffee, or the drink you are taking at that particular moment. The reasons are all found in the he cons which is spreading in the Autogrill. You can run into a gang of motorway restaurants, which, with a little trick, they manage to to steal the suitcasesand to do so, those few minutes normally included in the stop are enough.

It must be said that they do not do everything on their own, but even make use of the unconscious “cooperation” of the unfortunate. Even if, to be honest, the “trigger factor” is generated when the car is unattended. We therefore reiterate that, if you do not have the possibility to leave the car in a visible point, it is better to do it trial to a Autogrill following. The gang of motorway restaurants has so far operated in various areas of Italy, therefore it is not possible to limit their range of action.

The scam at the motorway restaurants

Better to be careful that the car is visible from the refreshment point.

Also called “Flat wheel scam”, has a very peculiar way of carrying out it. Let’s see how it works. While the car is completely unattended, the gang approaches the car and deflated a wheel. In the next step, they wait for the owner to leave the restaurant, approach him politely to ask what happened, and they lend themselveswith equal kindness, to assist him while changing the wheel.

The moment he is committed to doing this, one of them takes advantage of it to steal what’s inside the car. Then, with an excuse, they disappear. While, if there is to steal a certain amount of luggageadvise the owner of call for assistance which can be found at the motorway service station, perhaps pretending not to be practical, but offering to guard the car. In the meantime, they will take the opportunity to clean the load of all luggage.

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