“Do not worry”. Janne Ahonen knows what will help Kamil Stoch overcome the crisis

One of the best jumpers in history analyzed what was going on with Kamil Stoch. He assessed the Pole’s chances of success at the Olympics and revealed what he is doing now.

Szymon Bearingński

Szymon Bearingński

Janne Ahonen

Getty Images / Alexander Hassenstein / In the photo: Janne Ahonen

The whole community of ski jumping is surprised by what happened to Kamil Stoch during the 70th Four Hills Tournament.

In the first part of the season, when his friends were completely unsuccessful, the three-time Olympic champion himself started a fight with the world’s best. He was on the podium in Klingenthal, he was in the top ten several times.

It was similar a year ago. After a good start to the season, after the Christmas break, Stoch fired up for good and in great style – for the third time in his career – he won the 4-Hills-Tournament. History seemed to repeat itself again, but not this time.

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Instead of repeating beautiful moments, we watched one of Stoch’s greatest crises in his career. It started with the 41st place in Oberstdorf, then the 47th place in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The cup of bitterness was overwhelmed by the 59th place in qualifying in Innsbruck and the lack of promotion to the first round. After the qualifying rounds, Stoch was withdrawn from the tournament. He came home and for now he is taking a break from jumping.

– I am surprised with how much difficulties Kamil Stoch is struggling with this season – emphasized for WP SportoweFakty Janne Ahonen, one of the best jumpers in the history of the discipline, a great rival of Adam Małysz.

“During the tournament his jumps did not look good, there were technical mistakes,” added the Finn.

Stoch’s crisis is serious. It’s been a long time since he had such a weak streak in three consecutive competitions. Meanwhile, less than a month is left to the Olympic Games in Beijing, where the Pole has a chance to win the fourth Olympic gold. Despite this, Ahonen tries to reassure the public.

– Don’t worry about Kamil. Rest will certainly do him good, then he will train and it should be much better on his hill in Zakopane. He is a very experienced, titled jumper and knows what to do. He still has a chance to be strong at the Olympics. There is still a lot of time until this competition for quiet training and preparation of the right form – assured the Finn.

We spoke with Ahonen at the 70th 4-Hills-Tournament in Bischofshofen. Finn returned to where he celebrated the greatest successes of his career. It was here that he received the Golden Eagle five times for his triumph in the entire tournament.

– I have great memories of this competition. I had a lot of great jumps here, won a few times. It was wonderful to come back here after many years and remember all those beautiful moments – emphasized Fin.

Moreover, the 44-year-old still stuck to ski jumping. – I have not parted with jumping for good. I prepare the overalls that the Finnish team used last season. In addition, I work as a commentator on ski jumping – he revealed.

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