Do you already know who is the famous who reached a record 100 million followers on Twitter?

Having the title of “Richest Man in the World” sure attracts a lot of public attention, but that’s why Elon Muskthe owner of giant companies such as Tesla and the SpaceX, is so popular on social media? The multibillionaire has more than 100 millions of followers only on Twitterone of the most used platforms today.

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Musk’s following history can be followed on Social Bladea platform that tracks account growth on social networks such as YouTubeTwitter and Instagram. Today, the number of followers of Elon Musk at the twitter already exceeds 100.3 millionbut the 100 million mark was reached just a few days ago, between Sunday (26) and Monday (27).

Elon Musk’s Twitter Numbers Are Absurd

The growth rate of the Tesla CEO’s account seems to be absurd, in just 4 days the entrepreneur has achieved more than 300 thousand followers, a number to cause the envy of even the biggest influencers. And even more interesting is that he is only the sixth user of the platform to hit the 100 million mark.

According to Social Balde’s statistics, when it comes to the number of followers, the entrepreneur is only behind Cristiano Ronaldo (101.4 million), Rihanna (106.9 million), Katy Perry (108.8 million), Justin bieber (114.1 million) and Barack Obama (132.1 million).


How did Musk reach 100 million Twitter followers?

Even going beyond the numbers, Elon Musk is one of the most controversial and influential figures on the platform and his posts often make news somewhere (or everyone).

From memes to serious posts, the multibillionaire creates content about everything and exposes his often weird ideas more than anyone.

Although he is only in sixth place in the number of followers, if we take these 6 positions and change the ranking to number of posts, the entrepreneur jumps to second place with 18,500 tweets made.

The funniest thing is: out of nowhere posts come out without any content, but that still get tens of thousands of comments and likes. Like this one, posted on June 20th:

What… is your favorite cheese?

Musk followers can be bots

During the purchase process twitterwhich the billionaire started months ago, has commented several times that the number of bots, automated accounts controlled by robots, is incredibly high and exceeds the average estimated by the social network team of about 5% of its user base.

This might be a totally random thought on my part, but it would be interesting to know how many of those 100.3+ million followers are bots.

Even so, the businessman is using this bot talk to pause the negotiations while demanding that Twitter be more open with its numbers, according to rumors the data is already in the businessman’s hand. However, many believe that this is just a tactic to lower the price of the negotiation, the $44 billion.

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