Do you drive a Subaru? Profeco alerts to faults in this model

Japanese automaker notifies dealers nationwide of possible glitches

Author: Andres Manuel Contreras Alanis

Federal Office for Consumer Protection (Profico), recalls the Japanese automaker’s vehicles through the Rapid Alert Network Subaru.

In the February consumer magazine of this year, Profico An alert was issued Subaru Crosstrek vehicle 2024as 530 units were affected defect.


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The risk is that there may be insufficient space between the instrument panel wiring harness and the steering beam bracket, so the steering beam bracket May interfere with exposed parts From the dashboard wiring harness.

according to Proficothe consequence of this risk is that the cable insulation may be damaged, This may cause a short circuit.

Therefore, a clamp will be installed on the steering beam bracket to check the condition of the instrument panel wiring harness it will be fixed if needed.


In itself, Subaru Mexican Automotive reported that it has taken the following precautionary measures:

  • It notified dealers nationwide of the possible glitch.
  • Dealers will contact consumers via email, phone and at the time of any dealer vehicle service to advise them of the above corrections. Subaru within Mexico.
  • Consumers can view review requests on the official website Subaru.

Similarly, it was emphasized that until today There have been no reports of any incidents. Or the lives of vehicle occupants are at risk due to possible damage to the dashboard wiring harness.

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