Do you find your summer too bad? Here’s why the start of the school year is likely to be even worse

If you are spending your summer in the northern slopes of France, it is quite justifiable that you may not be having the best summer of your life. The sun and the hot temperatures were absent throughout the end of July, giving this summer season 2023 the air of premature autumn. Hello depression! If the weather should improve in August, the same cannot really be said for this feeling of spleen that may be living in you at the moment. The return to school promises to be rich in emotions, the fault of an astral upheaval which we would have done well without.

Why is the start of the 2023 school year looking complicated?

In addition to Venus retrograde, which has been wreaking havoc on our love life since July 24, 2023, it will soon be good old Mercury’s turn to begin hers. In fact, as the astrologer explains Berenice Delignat on TikTok, the planet, reputed to be that of intellect and communication, has already begun its pre-retrograde since August 3, 2023, and its effects are beginning to be felt in certain signs. Its retrograde phase will then officially begin on August 23 and end on September 15, exactly during the back-to-school period. So prepare to feel upheavals and disruptions (…)

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