Do you have children? See what the Polish Deal will change for you

The Polish Order does not affect women and men who take parental leave, the leave is free of charge, so there is no tax obligation.

In the case of people on maternity leave / benefits, the income of the above-mentioned persons, similarly to other taxpayers, is the tax-free amount, which currently amounts to PLN 425 per month (5,100 annually), which consequently constitutes an exemption from taxation of income not exceeding PLN 30,000. in the tax year.

Maternity allowance and sickness allowance, even if they are paid by the workplace, do not constitute income from work, and are the so-called other income. In this case, no middle class tax credit can be applied.

How will the Polish Order affect joint settlements of spouses? What if one spouse is eligible for middle class relief and the other is not?

If the spouses choose a joint tax return (if the spouses meet the conditions for submitting such a joint return), each of the spouses may deduct the allowance for employees or taxpayers who generate income from non-agricultural business activity from half of the total total income obtained by the spouses in the tax year, where such the entitlement also applies when one of the spouses does not earn any income.

So if one of the spouses reaches revenues of 150 thousand. PLN (he will not use the tax on his own), and his spouse has revenues of PLN 50 thousand. PLN (they will not take advantage of the tax relief on their own), but if they join forces and use the indicated option, they can settle the relief on half of the total revenues, i.e. each of them can count a discount from the amount of PLN 100,000 PLN (150 thousand + 50 thousand = 200 thousand).

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