Do you have to make a movie or an animated series? I finance you with NFTs

How NFTs could transform animated series and movies

Les Echosby Fabio Bendetti Valentini

The samples of the Web participatory (Web3) dream of a future in NFT (Not Fungible Token) for audiovisual works and animated films. Despite the turmoil that for some months has shaken the sphere of bltcoin and cryptocurrencies, last Friday, to Annecythe last great “commercial” debate of the International Market Animation film (Mlfn) gave space to “tokens”. According to supporters of NFTs, these digital objects could profoundly transform the bond between audiences and audiovisual creators, revolutionizing the financing mechanisms of films and animated series. Although, by their own admission, not all ongoing experiments will be successful.

Recently the euphoria surrounding cryptocurrencies has given way to a form of disillusionment that resembles a collapse, but in the long run we should see a phase of “token industrialization”, he says. Marie Warshaw. In fact, we’ve been collecting animation boards for at least 70 years, ”he says Max Howardformer executive of the Disney and of Warner Bros. “So there’s a foundation for the industry: it’s time to move to a new platform with digital collectibles,” says the Brit, who is now a Florida-based independent consultant and manufacturer. Thanks to blockchaln’s decentralized and secure technology, purchasing an NFT gives you access to bonuses and membership in a fan club. When you know that the success of an anime franchise revolves around fantastic characters and stories that capture the imagination of several generations.

From a literary work and its screen adaptations, what could be more natural than considering new adaptations in NFT? This is what the Bureau of Maglcwho made the series Adventures of Oz. For children and families, these NFTs give access to numerous experiences both immersive in the universe of Oz (3D printing of games, exclusive shorts, etc.) and educational, such as the kobke and Minerai and wnmer camps, where children learn. the basics of sharecropping by playing. It is a reversal of the usual model, where you invest your money in a script you believe in, but only when it is distributed can you understand whether it will work or not, “he says. Patrice Poujolresponsible of Lumière, a manufacturing company based in Hong Kong. “On the contrary, with the blockchain we build an environment in which the public can join a creative project. You can know in advance if a work will be successful, but it is the public themselves who decide to spend money on it. “

NFT, our audiovisual “crowdfunding” weapon?

He also thinks so Yannick Bossenmeyer, general manager Cascade8 who, with the company of Patrice Poujol, conducted the first tests of participatory financing of films via blockchain already a few years ago. The two companies are multiplying NFT projects, often to develop animation works. While e-tokens ¦ have several advantages (traceability, immutability, transparency) capable of improving and accelerating the management of revenue streams and thus broadening the spectrum of investors in audiovisual works, there are also gray areas, he admits. Patrice Poujol For example, NFTs allow you to participate in a work without actually conferring copyright on the owner, he points out. This could mean a problem for the lawyers …

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