Do you know that this considered healthy food can become toxic? Attention, it is one of the most consumed

There is an ingredient that we eat often, it is recommended in diets: however, this could be harmful to the body

Eating a healthy diet is the first step in optimizing our health. In fact, it is not just a question of weight, but above all of physical and mental well-being.

Health foods (web source)
Health foods (web source)

Activating the metabolism, limiting the sedentary lifestyle and taking a meal plan adapted to our needs, it is the first step to take care of ourselves.

Usually when we rely on an expert in the sector, such as a nutritionistthis tends to draw up a food plan that has everything it takes to satisfy ours daily requirement. In most cases, the dried fruit.

Be careful though, because there is a particular type of dried fruit which, as good as it may be, is at the same time cause of inflammation. Let’s find out what it is and what it causes.

Beware of this food: it could be bad for the body

We are talking about the almonds, which give energy and are considered the so-called “good fats”. Despite having beneficial properties, it has been found that they can be harmful to our healthso they might cause inflammation. Almonds but also peanuts contain a type of fat called arachidonic, and it is essential for a metabolic reaction.

If this acid is however present to a high extentcan cause inflammation and intestinal pain. If we eat too many almonds we may warn neck pain, dizziness, nausea or intestinal pain.

This consequence could be aggravated if theand almonds are also toastedbecause they can become toxicas it is created Acrylamide which is carcinogenic. In addition, roasting eliminates fundamental properties for our well-being, such as vitamins.

This however it does not mean that we must definitively abolish almonds from our meal plan, but make a balanced abuse of it, without exaggerating. Obviously it is always preferable to opt for raw ones

What to cure inflammation: the cures

Inflammation that results in food intolerance causes damage to the cell membrane and therefore it doesn’t make them work well. So this causes digestive difficulties, but also bloating in the abdomen, gastroesophageal reflux and heartburn. The ideal would be to hire food supplements for a restoration of the bacterial flora.

this ingredient could cause inflammation (source canva)
this ingredient could cause inflammation (source canva)

Among the most recommended supplements, there is certainly the one based on Glutamine and Boswellia, the latter is often taken when chronic inflammation or allergies are in progress. There Glutamine, instead it acts on the intestine and leads to the repair of the intestinal mucosa. A tip would also be to increase the consumption of foods they contain Omega 3. Obviously, you should always contact an expert in the sector, who knows how to advise us perfectly what we need.

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