Do you know who Cristiano Ardenzi the son of Ornella Vanoni is: age, father, what he does, private life

The most beautiful songs of Ornella Vanoni are the best way to celebrate her birthday. She has been the protagonist of Italian music for over 60 years and no one has ever exalted her more than the great composers. It is not necessary for Fabio Fiume to list her hits through a classification to understand her importance as a singer. With humor, seriousness and emotion, she sang the nostalgia and soul of jazz, to the rhythm of bossa and pop mastery, describing the female world in depth, without losing any of her potential themes.

Ornella Vanoni is one of the most renowned Italian vocalists, who continues to collaborate with young artists and to record new material. In addition to her professional success, she was married only once, from 1960 to 1972 with the singer and actor Lucio Ardenzi, which made her the mother of her only child, Cristiano.

Lucio Ardenzi, despite being previously in a complicated phase of his life, made her marry. consequently, he did not know what to do with himself. “I was with Strehler when I met Paoli, who was married, then I met Ardenzi and I married him”. Sometimes artists’ children are more complicated than their parents, who are always on stage and seem to feed on their relationship with the cameras. Cristiano Ardenzi, on the other hand, loves privacy and does not even like the cameras of some paparazzi who follow him. Vanoni herself has declared that it is more difficult for the children of artists.

Cristiano Ardenzi, who is Ornella Vanoni’s son: age, his father, what he does

We don’t know much about Cristiano Ardenzi’s private life, but we do know that he has two children, Matteo and Camilla. Camilla seems to have inherited her grandmother’s musical genes, since in 2007 she sang E del mio cuore with Ornella Vanoni herself, a song contained in A beautiful girl.

However, it is not clear whether or not the son of art also has a flame in life. It is certain, however, that Cristiano Ardenzi is the flame of Ornella Vanoni in life, a maternal love that she expressed well in a letter on the occasion of the death of Lucio Ardenzi, in which she wrote: “and there is Cristiano, our son, for which I thank you “.

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