Do you laugh at the foils? You’re laughing at yourself

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Let’s remember how it was and how it all started. Foilists arose as a group known to be accused of conspiracy. So let’s go back to the beginnings, that is, what the flat-earthen predicted at the beginning of the pandemic, what was laughed at and what we are dealing with now. So we will go over the story of a departure that has become a reality. It will not knock out the self-righteous people laughing at foliar, it will not make them repent of having laughed at the obvious things now, because the group of flat-earthen laughing at the Orwellian level specializes in doublethinking at the Orwellian level, so I will quote the author’s definition of double-thinking:

“To know and not to know, to have a sense of absolute truthfulness, and at the same time utter skilfully constructed lies; have two completely contradictory views on a given topic at the same time, and despite the awareness that they are mutually exclusive, believe in both; use logic against logic; […] forget everything that should not be known, then recall it when it becomes necessary, and then quickly wipe it from memory again. “

Who is that foil

Now the foliar themselves. Also called flat earthen and / or anti-vaccines. This is another manipulation, this time at the language level. These concepts were created much earlier, but all those who doubted the official covid message were thrown into the group described in this way. Because this group is supposed to have a pejorative term, in addition witty and silly. What do people who are supposed to wear foil caps to protect themselves from cosmic rays have in common with people who believe that the teleporting system is killing people? What do people who believe that the earth is flat and relies on turtles (the number of turtles is still being discussed) have in common with those who believe that vaccination on a global scale with the worst-studied preparation in mankind is a great threat to humanity? What do the anti-vaccine people have in common with those who have all the compulsory vaccines but do not want to vaccinate themselves with the optional product? Thread. But the point here is to stigmatize ALL resistance to mainstream pharmaceutical and sanitation, and you will be an anti-vaccine even with your mask lowered below your nose. Szlus. This is our niche group, to which belongs … about 50% of the society. Nice what?

But we are here to the point. So what did the coronaryists say (this is how we will talk about them here) from the beginning, what was laughed at and what came out? It will be difficult, as always, when you face the mirror of your own prejudices and stupidity and see that you are fooled. So it displaces. It will not be so easy here, because we will be using facts. We start with a thick pipe.

The first madness of flat-earthen

There were rumors of the “mark of the beast” from the Apocalypse. Well, ridiculed, like a clown in a circus. That they’re crazy, that the Apocalypse, yeah … It won’t be at all, no chance, okay-okay, Riders of the Apocalypse, dragons and these things. Here it is. First, my article on the “G-stigma” with the entire analysis. At the moment, people are walking around with stamps. And now the bands are to come in. Of course … in Germany, which evokes unhealthy associations. The entrepreneurs themselves reportedly applied for it, even decorating their websites with inscriptions Nur fur geimpf. All in all, that’s right, because it will “facilitate the passport checking process”. Well, in the past, before armbands with the Star of David, there were probably also such troubles, because how to check if a Jew? So who was right? And that these are German ideas? I am asking: this is the core of Polishness, i.e. PiS, MP Anna Milczanowska endorsed the idea of ​​covid wristbands.

It was also about chipping humanity, well it burps too, remember? Where are we to such measures? It can only be born in a stupid foliar head. In half of the entries on the Facebook page with reports on own inoculations, the participant report ended with a reference to nonsense that this Bil Gates just chipped me and I am doing fine. So please – Bill Gates himself added, which he later explained in various ways, with his idea of ​​”digital credential” or “quantum dot”. But let’s give up on this Bilu: presentation in Sweden subcutaneous chip to identify the QR code, applied with a syringe. Here is the sublimation of other techniques: the FDA has just approved the first pill to monitor whether a patient has taken a drug. Why not a vaccine? If you assume that sanitaryism is first and foremost, then the methods are free, it can be under the skin, it can be in the mouth. The effect is important, and when we agree to the primacy of sanitaryism, everything else becomes only technical items. Anyway, it’s convenient, even for … delinquent. Because you have to keep this QR on your mobile phone, or God forbid it is printed, which is always with you and you can show who you need.

Nonsense about total surveillance

The shura prophesied that they would keep an eye on you by all means. Crazy people. As? Where, in times of total freedom? It found that sick and infected tracking to help contain transmission of the virus quickly became a method of tracking social behavior, along with scoring them. The Chinese are in the lead, now if you are socially rude for too few points, you will not buy a train ticket. The West is watching these achievements with curiosity and is already importing such solutions, for now, like in Chinoli, for epidemic purposes, but it will be seen later. It is enough for us to know who has got vaccinated and who has not, and who is sitting close to whom. Impossible? Here you are, australian app it will show you, based on your artificial intelligence health profile, which places you are allowed to enter and for how long. And what, the shura compromised or were they right?

(As for artificial intelligence, I knew – Lem reads – that its mass introduction will serve primarily to control a society that has got rid of this natural intelligence on its own).

The borderline level of the departure of flat-earthen people was the announcement of the confinement of Kovid-resistant people in special concentration camps. It was a burp, what camps, what kind of closing? Here you are. Australia was built already such places, one is already being built in Poland – in Gdynia. And those crazy people were telling that to such camps people would be dragged out of the house by special troops of wetboys, and they would be carrying a madman’s burp. Yes? Just in Australia the military is prepared for such activities, in Austria is currently underway recruitment of volunteers to special sanitary units responsible for catching people who refuse to undergo (allegedly voluntary) vaccinations. IN Great Britain mobile units will visit the unvaccinated at home and persuade them to vaccinate. On the threshold.

You will be poor, sick and hungry

And that they’ll deprive you of your money, they said. How, where? As? Through the treasury. Where? In Greece. The unvaccinated will be deducted 100 euro a month from their salary. Non-working – a fine for not vaccinating. In the event of covid insolvency – property auction. And they won’t heal. The fact that people are talking all the time about increasing the premium for the unvaccinated or expelling them from hospitals, because they are guilty of themselves, is a piece of cake, since more and more totalitarian sanitaryists among the terrified civilians are joining it. Now, for example, we have a recipe in Queensland, Australiathat only patients after two or more doses of vaccination are eligible for kidney or heart transplants. What, let them have theirs.

And they raved that there would be hunger. What hunger? If someone does not believe it we invite you to the market in Milan. There, people out of work due to non-vaccinations are waiting for the leftovers from the market. The fact that you will not buy shoes without vaccination, because it is not a basic necessity, is normal, even with us (let’s add theoretical, because Poles are merging such recipes). So, for now, you can buy food. But slowly, slowly. Soon a lady will appear on TV, who will say that these deadly vines can infect in the same way (how?) Those vaccinated in the grocery store and in the clothing store, and therefore everyone will be smuggled. Then what, for the market, like Italians, to beg? Do you stick out under the greengrocer on the leftovers thrown by the affectionate vaccinated?

And they said that they would only vaccinate the gray mass of people, because it was prepared for it, and that they would isolate themselves from vaccinations as harmful to themselves. Co-founder of BioNTech, Ugur Sahin, confirms that he has not vaccinated because he cannot do it for “legal reasons” which oblige him to ensure the continuity of the company’s work on his part … This is an interesting concept, I will immediately ask Krystyna to procure a contract for me, which forbids me to vaccinate for the sake of “continuity of work” and will be invoked in the event of attacks by systemic sanitaryism. On the other hand, it is interesting how the fact of inoculation could be detrimental to the continuity of work? I think that I am not the only one who is curious about the details.

Leaders and human rights defenders

Two more things. First of all, whole packages of actions, which in fact are the implementation of the foils’ prophecies on a national scale. Australia is leading the way as a country of far-reaching experiment. In addition, these “kits” are made of the cap. Foliers said there would be paranoid situations. Well, for example, in such Austria you have to wear masks at home, in Norway there is a ban on serving alcohol in restaurants and hotels due to the coronavirus (arguments may be puzzling about how to get to it), in Great Britain an order is introduced to check covid passports in dance pubs, but after 1.00 am, because earlier the virus is asleep (and what, it sleeps during the day, wakes up after one?). In Italy you cannot dance unless you are sitting on a chair with your bum, and therefore whole schools of dance with chairs tied to the seats are created. The art is said to be difficult, but easy to watch. Is that funny? I know? It is rather laughter through tears at how far we have allowed ourselves to be chased into this paranoia.

Second, where are all these human rights defenders? Before the covid, that was justice to the millimeter. When you were taken for someone who cultivates or even promotes some kind of restriction of freedom, such someone would be ostracized, sometimes penalized. In fact, you were even protected, by compulsion, against attempts to limit your own freedom. Today, the same people are on the side of the sanitary ultras to every one of them. Which proves that there, under these libertarian chants, was still the same red and totalitarian soul. And the last of the murder in the pandemic quickly began to stick out from under the mantle of mock liberalism. The coronavirus has verified all these ombudsmen, activists for equality and human rights. In a time when most people were deprived of their basic right, the right to healthcare, no one stood up for them. They all gave up their individual freedom without a single shot for realizing the collective health herd fears of the collectivists.

And the foliar? Well, the hardest thing to be a prophet in your own country. And if this country is the whole world, the flat earths are screwed up. But that doesn’t mean most of their predictions won’t come true. A world that does not want this will throw everything into one sack, so that these probable theses will get dirty in this sack with the cool ones. To stick to all opponents the stigma of bewilderment. Not to know that the doom is coming. That is, not to respond to its symptoms. To have fun to the end, like in a recent movie, which is supposed to be about a space catastrophe, but actually – about today. Yes, watch “Don’t Look Up”, because his message can be seen from the fact that he is attacked as weak and schematic by those who live from the barrel to the foil.

Jerzy Karwelis

All entries on my blog The Plague Diary.

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