Do you like Mission Impossible? Check out Agent Stone (Netflix) with Gal Gadot

This Friday marks the arrival of a new original film from Netflix. The platform went live this morning Agent Stone (Heart of Stone in VO), a spy thriller carried by Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman, Justice League, Fast & Furious) and Jamie Dornan, the unforgettable Christian Gray of the film trilogy Fifty Shades of grey.

Directed by Tom Harper, known for directing episodes of Misfits, Peaky Blinders And The Son, Agent Stone follows the adventures of an undercover spy working for a mysterious peacekeeping agency. An organization that, to eliminate global threats and dangers that can lead humanity to its downfall, uses state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence.

Imagined in the vein of Impossible mission, this film takes up the ingredients of the success of the saga carried by Tom Cruise: impressive sets in the four corners of the world (Sahara desert, Italian Alps, streets of Lisbon, etc.), a touch of romance, high tech atmosphere and super-heroine that connects parachute jumps, sporty motorcycle driving, fights, chases… Something to delight all fans of spy films. If success is forthcoming, Agent Stone could well become a franchise at the Impossible mission or making Gal Gadot Netflix’s new female James Bond.

According to the Israeli-American actress, Agent Stone was born thanks to wonder woman, the DC Comics superheroine she plays in the movies. “So many films are brilliantly carried by men and I always felt that there was room for more films led by women (…) I always wanted to play one. (…) Something clicked (after Wonder Woman, editor’s note). I thought to myself, “Wait a second, men are going to see (action films carried by women) too. We can do more, so let’s do it.” I gained confidence in myself and we decided to launch and develop Agent Stone,” she told Entertainment Weekly before the strike crippled…

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