do you really have to get up and go to bed at the same time every day?

We often hear that it is necessary either go to bed at the same time every nighteither sget up at the same time every day. But what is it really? The expert answer. According to an IFOP survey, published in 2022, around one in three French people say they are unhappy with the quality of their nights. Among women, 38% would be dissatisfied with their sleep. Today, 30% of the population seeks to improve your sleep preferring regular rest schedules, in order to gain energy.

Get up at the same time every morning

Sleep experts certify that it is more than necessary to have regular hours and especially of wake up at the same time every day. In effect, the hour of getting up gives rhythm to the day which begins. In this way, the body understands when the day begins and when it ends. “It’s the hour of getting up that codes the hour of falling asleep. It is a chronobiological anchor”declares the head of the university department of sleep medicine at the University of Bordeaux, Pierre Philip, to the media West France.

Go to bed at the same time every night

We learn, however, that if sunrise time should be roughly the same every day, bedtime she matters less. But why ? Simply because the time when you will actually be sleepy can change every day, depending on the events of your day. Several factors can affect (…)

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