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Netflix intends to fight against sharing its subscriptions with relatives with whom we do not live. The users of the platform in Poland have already received the first messages warning them against such behavior. It is worth mentioning that for such practice our account may be suspended or even deleted.

Netflix will fight against providing subscriptions

Often using Netflix we decide to sharing subscriptions with others. Most often it is our family or friends, but sometimes also strangers. Although the streaming giant allows this type of practice, many of us – using it – amie terms of service. Why? Because it is only permitted if the people to whom we provide our subscription live with us under one roof.

Netflix knows this very well, which is why it announced a few months ago that it will try to deal with this problem. How to inform Virtual Media for some time now a streaming giant began to warn its users in Poland before sharing subscription with people with whom we do not live in the same household, is a change to the platform regulations.

Netflix and any content accessed through it is for personal, non-commercial use only and may not be shared with anyone who does not live with you in your household. During your membership, Netflix grants you a limited, non-binding and non-transferable right to access Netflix and Netflix Content. Except for the rights set out above, the user does not obtain any other rights, title or interest. The user undertakes not to use the website for the purpose of public dissemination – we read in point 4.2. website regulations.

If the regulations are changed, there is a risk of blocking or even deleting the account

It is worth mentioning that the subscription owner may face consequences if the rules of the platform are violated. All because this subscription buyers are responsible for all activities of those who use it. Regardless of whether you live with him or outside his household.

The user who creates a Netflix account and who is charged a membership fee using the Payment Method indicated (the “Account Holder”) is responsible for any type of activity generated through that Netflix account – says point 5 of the Terms of Use.

The streaming platform may punish the user for not following the rules suspension or even complete deletion of the account:

Netflix reserves the right to terminate or suspend a user’s account when required to protect the user, Netflix or its partners from the effects of identity theft or other fraudulent acts. – added.

We calm down that Netflix does not block its viewers for sharing an account on the platform. At the moment, tests are being carried out to limit the circumvention of the website rules. For example, in Italy people who do not live with the subscription owner for some time I have to pass additional verification and enter a special codethat the subscription buyer receives via SMS or e-mail.

Do you think that this type of solution would also work in Poland?

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