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Giving up the daily shower has more and more supporters. How often should I wash my body and what is the effect of the daily toilet on skin properties? Can we at the same time harm our own body by taking care of ourselves?

It’s worth being reasonable

Recently, Bartłomiej Kwiek, a dermatologist, was a guest of Dzień Dobry TVN. The lecturers talked to the expert about the influence of daily showering on the properties of the body. Recently, actors Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher admitted that their children do not clean themselves until they become dirty. Controversy was also sparked by Jake Gyllenhaal, who publicly announced that he only bathes once a week. Referring to these declarations, the doctor admitted to the program’s presenters that the decisions of celebrities may be right.


Washing destroys the lipid coat

“By following the rules of hygiene and washing the skin, we actually destroy it. The products we use destroy the skin’s lipid coat, that is its natural protection” – explained Bartłomiej Kwiek, MD, PhD. The specialist also admitted that in recent years the number of people suffering from allergies has increased significantly. Part of the responsibility for this is the chemicals we use during our daily toilet. We wash off the fat on the skin together with the dirt. As a consequence, there is also less water, which is why the body becomes dry. These are perfect conditions for the penetration of allergens causing inflammation.

It’s best when we’re dirty

The body will tell us when it is worth taking a bath. The specialist estimated that washing yourself when you notice an unpleasant smell and dirt is visible, is a good direction. However, it is worth remembering that the soap should have an acidic pH, i.e. pH 5.5. After washing, it is necessary to lubricate the skin with a cream or lotion, which will help rebuild the damaged lipid coat.

Americans agree

Dr. Kwiek’s opinion is confirmed by the research of the American scientist David Leffell from the Yale School of Medicine. According to a local expert, bathing in hot water and scrubbing the body intensively can only do harm. According to Leffell’s recommendations, the best solution is a three-minute shower in warm (not hot) water and balm treatment afterwards. The dermatologist also recommends that you limit your hair washing to 3-4 times a week, which will also have a positive effect on its condition.

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