Doctor talks about Burnout Syndrome that inspired Beyoncé’s single

Singer Beyoncé returned to the top of the Billboard charts with the song Break My Soul after turning the track into an anthem that represents a movement of mass resignations, which started in the US and has spread across several parts of the globe. To better understand the syndrome, the movement and its relationship with music, the column spoke with the doctor José Fernandes Vilas (specialized in neurology and clinical psychiatry), who is a national reference on the subject.

“The work describes someone with obvious symptoms of someone who suffers from the burnout syndrome, which is the phenomenon resulting from physical and mental exhaustion due to excessive work that has been poorly managed over time”, says the doctor.

“I just quit, and I’m going to find a new place. I’m going to explode, take this load off. I will find a new stimulus. Damn, they make me try so hard. I work at nine, after five / And they strain my nerves. That’s why I can’t sleep at night”, says the singer in the verses of her new song.

“The burnout syndrome is characterized as physical and mental exhaustion, lack of professional insight and the depersonalization that would be: feeling tired all the time, not being able to produce, having difficulties in hitting goals, memory failures, difficulty sleeping, irritability, lack of empathy with pending issues related to their profession and feeling totally disconnected from work”, revealed José Fernandes Vilas.

“With the pandemic, there was a spark of people with burnout. Thus, the mass dismissal movement, the “Great resignation”, arose, causing companies to be forced to look at the employee with different eyes. Mental health in corporations has become a goal and not something superfluous as before. It’s about time,” added the doctor.

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