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Maria Olivia Gavinho Vargas Last Monday, January 1st, I fell. He was preparing to take down clothes hanging on the roof of the Santa Cruz Acal Pixca neighborhood of the Xochimilco mayor’s office when his foot got caught on the stairs and he fell.

Derived from this, His right tibia and fibula were injured. Around 4:00 p.m., her son Fernando Ramirez Gavinho immediately came to her aid and decided to take her to the hospital after seeing the severity of her injuries.

There he began a pilgrimage to seek medical help.

At midnight on Tuesday, after a 30-hour hospital visit, the woman was still suffering pain and awaiting care.This is low income and not entitled to IMSS Nor from ISSSTEwhich is why he didn’t go to those institutions.

interviewing financial aspectsFernando said, at first he went Luis Guillermo Ibarra National Institute of Rehabilitationfrom the Health Department, also known as Xomali Hospital, located in the Tralpan Mayor’s Office.

He explained that after a long wait and pleading with local administrators and doctors, They told him they couldn’t accommodate his mother.

Later he took her there Manuel Gaia Gonzalez General HospitalAlso from the health department, she waited there for hours, but in the end they didn’t want to take care of her family and gave her no advice on which hospital to take her to.

Fernando said he took the woman to the hospital during Tuesday. Mexico City Government Balbuena General Hospitalthey kept her in an emergency area and gave her hope after realizing they didn’t have enough equipment and supplies.

“A doctor in Balbuena told me that because they didn’t have one. In fact, I made the badge for my mother and it cost me 1,900 pesos and I had to get it and when we came back, the doctor was gone and the other staff Ignored it and they told me they couldn’t do it anymore. Got it.

At all the hospitals they told me “I don’t have room here”. “I don’t have X-rays”, “I don’t have an operating room” So they beat me and they didn’t want to take care of my mother,” the 50-year-old said. “My anger is that they don’t take care of me

She said the doctors who treated her in Balbuena, referring to emergency regional chief Miguel Angel Neri Morales, insisted they could not admit her mother. “They said no matter what she did, they would never accommodate her.”

Now Fernando is calling on authorities to step in so his mother can be taken care of.

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