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Through videos, medical students and doctors show just how long and stressful their working hours can be.

The videos were circulated on social networks and became so popular that they even started a trend of showing “before and after” doctors at work, in addition to sparking a heated debate about their working conditions.

Doctors show what they look like before and after doctor visits: Viral video

Recently, this orMedical students and doctors decided to show people just how hard their jobs are.

With the “Before and After Shift” trend, they pictured themselves at the beginning and end of their workday.

Medical shifts are the way some doctors in a hospital work long shifts. This is an especially common practice among medical students (called residents), who must stay in the hospital for at least 24 to 36 hours.

During these shifts, doctors must care for patients in addition to performing academic and health care activities, so they have little downtime.

The Patient Services Network explains that doctors are called hospitalists because years ago they were required to live in hospitals to be prepared for any emergency.

In the United States, medical students are limited to working no more than 80 hours per week, no more than 24 hours per day, and no more frequent shifts than once every three days, according to the Patient Services Network. However, this may vary and there are exceptions depending on the major studied.

In Mexico, however, the law does not specify the maximum number of hours a resident can work in a hospital.

The guards’ tired faces, exhausted gestures or voices, and even their ability to fall asleep almost anywhere, are proof enough of how exhausted they are, as recorded in videos posted on social networks.

Internet users react to video of doctor before and after his shift

Trends showing the start and end of a doctor’s day help spark a comprehensive discussion on social networks about the working conditions of students and staff in the health sector.

On the one hand, many netizens praised their dedication, while others condemned being forced to work like this:

“Admiration and pleasure for doctors”, “The same goes for labor exploitation”, “Doctors are overworked and tired for a day, isn’t it dangerous for patients?”, “It’s unbelievable, how hard it is” and their income is minimal” , “It disgusts me that they have to work so much when they are managing something so important and I wish they could improve their conditions”, “Why romanticize the fact that they are being treated as slaves”, “Professions Not a reason for overexploitation” or “They didn’t say they didn’t eat or go to the bathroom, they slept on the floor, they accepted the rudeness of the residents”, some said. News in this sense.

Other doctors also recalled their marathon days in the comments:

“A guard watches your life disappear in a matter of hours, but a cup of coffee can save you,” “I was on duty for 96 hours in an emergency. 48 was punishment, a gift from my chief resident.” Memories of Vietnam”, “My longest duty was 40 hours”, “My longest duty was 26 hours”, “I” arrived at 3pm on Saturday and departed at 9am on Monday. ”

Do you think the before and after videos of medical staff changed your view of doctors?

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