Doctors suggest that COVID should be treated like the flu

The news was provided by the Polish Press Agency. In the quoted fragment of the statement, we can read that the proposed actions “are allowed by the emergence of the Omikron variant, which causes milder symptoms and, due to its increased infectivity, leads to a faster acquisition of immunity by the population”.

COVID like the flu?

The doctors’ announcement is in line with the position of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who revealed in a radio interview on Monday Cadena Ser that the government has been working on a plan to treat COVID-19 as flu and treat this disease as part of the primary healthcare system for several weeks. – This is a necessary debate that the government is trying to initiate at the European level. There are enough tools to protect ourselves and reduce contamination in society, the politician said.

The Spanish medical organization would like to “regain normality”. So it was proposed, inter alia, lifting the obligation to wear masks and other sanitary restrictions related to the state of the epidemic.

“Neither the healthcare system, nor society as a whole, can afford to continue testing asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic patients and isolate all positive for the coronavirus, given the associated social and economic implications, including massive sick leaves taken by de facto healthy people “- it was written in a statement released by PAP.

‘The current disease-control system uses a lot of time and resources, and as the sixth wave of infections again showed, when the number of infections increases sharply, the system fails and collapses,’ semFYC noted.

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