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This Much I Know To Be True Shows Creative Relationship Between Bad Seeds’ Nick Cave And Warren Ellis

This Much I Know To Be Truedocumentary about the professional relationship between Nick Cave and Warren Ellisof bad seedshad a scene released on the internet, according to information from the NME.

In theaters, the production ran for just one night, in May 2022. In addition to the scene, the streaming service MUBI revealed that the film will hit the platform’s catalog on July 8, 2022.

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in the stretch of This Much I Know To Be TrueBritish singer Marianne Faithfull read the poem “Prayer Before Workwritten by the poet May Sartonbefore basement and Ellis touch “Galleon Ship,” disco music ghosteenreleased on October 4, 2019. Watch the clip below:

Movie’s director, Andrew Dominik talked to NME about how the documentary shows how far Nick Cave arrived on the grief processing journey, and explained how he presents “what Nick learned in the last six years and passed it on to us.”

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Nick survived and prospered. He is determined to accept the death of Arthur [Cave, filho morto aos 15 anos em 14 de julho de 2015] in the most helpful way I can and to be there for other people,” he said. Nick from the documentary One More Time With Feeling (2016) would not believe how the Nick in This Much I Know To Be True were possible. In that respect, this movie is good for you.”

Nick Cave Remembers When He Missed Show Because He Was In Prison: ‘No One Knew Where I Was’

To celebrate the launch of the collection B-Sides & Rarities Part IIa Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds announced two unpublished audios of conversations between the band members. In one of the excerpts, the vocalist Nick Cave recalled the day he missed a group show for being trapped — and was rescued by Mick Harvey.

In an excerpt from the conversation between former bandmates (via NME), the musicians comment on the favorite memory they have in each other’s company. the memory of Nick Cavehowever, involves being arrested and missing a group show until he is rescued by his friend. Mick Harvey.

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Nick Cave explained, “It’s not by far the best moment, but it’s a testament to a lot of things about his personality that I value. I was stuck in New York. I was caught and spent a few days in prison. I think I missed the show because I was in prison. Is this right? We had just played Iceland and arrived in New York.”

According to the star, as soon as he got off the bus, he went to buy drugs, was arrested by the NYPD and failed to warn the band: “They put me in prison for two days. Nobody knew where it was because we were staying at the Iroquois Hotel. I received [o direito a] a phone call and said I wanted to call the Iroquois hotel and they asked how to spell it and I couldn’t.”

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Nick Cave continued: “I couldn’t warn the band about… It’s a tough word. It’s a difficult word to spell. Especially when you’re in a cage full of 20 others. Anyway, what happened was that no one knew where I was, I guess. And I missed the show.”

Second Nick Cavedespite not being able to warn colleagues, Mick Harvey managed to rescue him in prison — and even earned him respect in jail after delivering a pack of cigarettes

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You called all the hospitals, I think, and police stations, or whatever someone else did. If any way, it was a pretty dark time in prison. And then you got to the prison and you had a pack of cigarettes. Remember that? I will never forget. You found me and bought me a box of cigarettes. Thanks.

Second basement, while with the cigarette packets, learned a valuable lesson about how to behave in jail. During the conversation with Mick Harveythe musician explained some of the moments he lived during his short time in prison:

“I had a pack of cigarettes under my arm, someone came over and said, ‘Can I have a cigarette, mate?’ I said, ‘Yes, of course’ and another guy came up and said ‘Never do that’. I said ‘Do what?’ And he explained, ‘You have to sell the cigarettes because you won’t get any respect, man,’ you know,’” he said (via NME).

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Then, Nick Cave understood what he should do in the situation: “The next person came up and I said, ‘Yes, it’s a dollar’ and they said, ‘Oh, that’s fine,’ and so I just sat there handing out cigarettes and getting a dollar for every cigarette. And I was like the prison king. So thanks again.”

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