Does Allegri have certainties? Yes: Bonucci, Vlahovic and Paredes

Does Massimiliano Allegri have certainties for his Juve? Yes and they correspond to the names of Bonucci, Vlahovic and Paredes

Massimiliano Allegri has the ability to raise the Juventus, after confirmation by the club, unless there are sensational situations along the national team break. The front of the immediate exemption remains strong on the social front, but does not seem to breach the parts of Continassa, at least in the very short term. One of the elements to start again with greater certainty is obviously the progressive emptying of the infirmary: Szcsesny, Alex Sandro, Locatelli and Rabiot could return for Juventus-Bologna. The 3 big names who should have rearranged Juve will still be missing and if for Pogba and Chiesa it is a long speech, Di Maria’s absence due to disqualification is not a detail to assess how it will be possible to replace him in the two league games where he will serve her. The Monza Angel appeared devoid of ideas, beyond the red. And since with him on the field nothing appeared different than when he was forced to leave, one wonders if the source of greater credibility of the technical project has also failed. In other words, if Juve have to start thinking of themselves without men who can fix the defects of the team. From here we can draw a final consequence, the most urgent question to be answered: Does Allegri have any certainty? Because if this were not the case, Bologna and then Maccabi Haifa and even more Milan could permanently damage an already very shabby picture. And at that point it would even generate the paradox that even a change of bench in the race would be necessary on the one hand, but also probably useless because Allegri’s successor would have a desert in front of him. Or to be precise, an apathy that Claudio Ranieri sums up perfectly today The Gazzetta dello Sportdeclaring himself amazed by an absence that is inherent to that of the 3 big names, without which “It won’t be real Juve”: “What is strange, seeing them on the pitch, is that they lack the cheerfulness and determination typical of Allegri’s teams, which are always tough and grumpy.”

An ugly, dirty and bad Juve should be the minimum and therefore acceptable condition, it would probably also become productive in terms of results, while not being loved for the quality of the (non) game. It happened in the comeback last year, far from being quick, but it made sense to believe – as Allegri said several times – that the foundations had been laid for subsequent growth. And this is precisely what seems not to be there, otherwise a few more points, even in negative performances like in Genoa, would have been able to be conquered and for the championship we would certainly make different speeches in terms of future prospects.

For certainties I am not referring to those on the presumed competitiveness of the squad, which at this point it is completely useless to evaluate, given that the salient feature of the season is the emergency and not the normality. Until the start of the World Cup we will not have Juve in full force and instead it is a question of correcting the course with those who are there, obviously hoping that there will be more and more. Given the premise that every hypercritical analysis has its own reason for being because the exclusion from the second round of the Champions League would be a rejection index that can only be amended by winning trophies, it is conceivable that Allegri will be able to build a virtuous path based on three elements warranty? The first is the character of the historical group. Personally I consider the conflict between coach and Bonucci to be extremely dangerous, if it is the reason for the exclusion of the captain in Monza-Juventus. The band is not a detail, even more so in a stormy moment. The historical group may no longer have sufficient technical resources, but the moral ones do. The alibi of a full stomach must no longer exist in a team that with Allegri interrupted a legendary string of victories.
Then I add the Vlahovic resource. Dusan is going through a complicated moment. He needs assistance and he gets few balls. But a champion also manages to do that little bit more without the help of his teammates. It is not impossible to think that by succeeding only once, then he can generate others. As we saw in the one-two on a free kick that gave us the best surprise of this bad start to the season.
Finally, the centrality of Paredes. The first races of the new purchase were ups and downs, often even within the 90 minutes (excluding Monza, where there is nothing to save). The most necessary work of this phase for Allegri is to build the conditions for having a real director. Otherwise you would not understand the purchase, moreover with an urgent nature.

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