Does Jennifer Aniston’s 15-15-15 workout help you stay in shape?

She has just turned 54, is in great shape and has the smile we know on her lips: Jennifer Aniston has a lot of fun while fully embracing the new facets of his age.

To stay in shape, she doesn’t do anything phenomenal: a lot of yoga, Pilates and the 15-15-15 method that she developed and which she details in an interview with InStyle : “I was injured last fall and for a while I only did Pilates, which I love. But it is well known that it does not make you sweat and I missed this more physical side of the sport. So I went back to my 15-15-15 method as soon as I could. »

What is the 15-15-15 method?

15 are the minutes that Jennifer Aniston devotes to each discipline that is part of her sports regime: 15 minutes of exercise bike, 15 minutes of elliptical and 15 minutes of treadmill. In total, 45 minutes of cardio exercise without getting tired and working different muscles on each machine. But these are not the only advantages of this type of training.

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The benefits of training 15-15-15

15 minutes is the time you need to spend on each device. It’s neither too long nor too short. We warm up, we exercise, but without getting excessively tired or, on the contrary, without getting bored. Remember, however, that it is always a good idea, before starting the session, to do at least 10 minutes of muscle warm-up with some preparatory stretches.

Train your lower and upper body

The exercise bike and the treadmill obviously train the lower limbs of the body, but the elliptical trainer allows you to work the upper body at the same time, making the exercise more complete. In addition, it keeps the heart rate high without excessive energy expenditure. A quarter of an hour of relaxation in the middle of the session allows the heart and lungs to work effortlessly.

Sweat with a smile

All these activities stimulate the body, so sweating is guaranteed. But we sweat with a smile, time passes and calories are burned without much effort.

The downside of training 15-15-15

If you don’t have these machines at home, you need to go to a gym to use them. The “home” version of this method can be reduced to half an hour of training, including 15 minutes of cycling and 15 minutes of jogging on the street.

The 15-15-15 method works, but…

This workout was developed by Jennifer Aniston based on her preferences and what works for her, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone – you may not get any benefit from your workout. form or part of the training gets on your nerves. The advice is always to calibrate the activity according to your own abilities and tastes. If you are unable to do it yourself, it is worth hiring a personal trainer to adapt your program to avoid muscle trauma and to make it a truly effective workout.

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