Does Kelly Vedovelli look like Nicki Minaj? Internet users wonder about his face (photo)

Kelly Vedovelli, supposed companion of Cyril Hanouna, is once again at the center of accusations from fans of TPMP on C8, who claim that she had resorted to cosmetic surgery to retouch her face.

Social media went wild with comments such as: “Kelly, what did she do to her face? It looks like Nicky Minaj #TPMP”, “What did she do to her face”, “it looks a little swollen”. These are not the first criticisms of this kind that Kelly Vedovelli has received from Internet users.

However, she does not remain silent in the face of these speculations and sometimes answers fans’ questions. Last year, a fan asked her if she had done her butt, to which she responded bluntly.

Her answer was clear: no, she had not had cosmetic surgery for her buttocks. She explained that her appearance changed as she gained weight, adding several photos of her figure over the years to support her point. Kelly Vedovelli concluded by saying: “When I gain weight, it’s neck and ass, to each his own”.

For Kelly Vedovelli, they seem to be a recurring concern, but she continues to defend her position and remain transparent about the changes to her body over time.

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