Does not taking a bath have a good effect on the skin?

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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis rarely shower, nor do they bathe their young children. Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard and Jake Gyllenhaal also admitted to poor hygiene after their confession. Will this celebrity trend convince us to give up frequent washing?

I take a shower every day. For your mental well-being and because of fine hair that is not washed, it quickly becomes greasy. My children also bathe regularly. More and more celebrities are giving up washing.

It all started with Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, who in the “Armchair Expert” podcast by Dax Shepard and Monika Padman said that they rarely bathe and wash their young children equally rarely. – When you see them dirty, wash them. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense – Kutcher expressed his opinion, adding that he personally washes every day “only armpits and crotch, nothing else.” Kunis cleans her face twice a day, but admitted that she does not use soap for daily body hygiene. On The View last week, Shepard and his wife, Kristen Bell, contributed to the anti-bath movement by saying that they often forget to bathe their daughters. – I’m a huge fan of waiting for them to stink. This is how biology tells you to wash yourself Bell laughed.

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If three celebrities are enough to start a trend, it is thanks to Jake Gyllenhaal. – More and more often I come to the conclusion that bathing is not necessary – he revealed in an interview with “Vanity Fair” last week. – I also think that less frequent bathing is beneficial for keeping the skin in good condition and that our bodies naturally cleanse themselves.

No soap

Celebrities have not felt the need to use soap for years. Brad Pitt admitted that he limited himself to wiping armpits with baby wipes. Robert Pattinson once said with a shrug: – I don’t see any point in washing my hair. For the past 14 years, when I find myself spending too much time in the bath, I think of Jennifer Aniston, who in 2007 revealed that she only took a three-minute shower (along with brushing her teeth!) To conserve water.

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Now celebrities tout the skin benefits of not washing. – The skin should not be deprived of its natural oils every day Shepard said. I admit, I was skeptical about this until Mary L. Stevenson, associate professor at NYU Langone Medical Center, Department of Dermatology, told me that celebrities were right.

Shorter baths

In general, our skin and the whole body is an amazing system that can regulate its functions and take care of itself Stevenson said. – Too frequent showers can affect the microbiome, altering how the skin’s outer protective layer functions. Stevenson points out the difference between bathing in water only and washing yourself with soap from head to toe. – You have to strike a balance between removing dirt and scrubbing too hard without the natural protective layer. Most people use too much soap or take a too hot shower for too long, thus peeling off the skin’s natural oils. In some ways, Stevenson supports Kutcher’s method: – Soap is necessary for washing underarms, in the crotch and on the feet – besides, only in those places where there is visible dirt. Does that mean we should stop washing ourselves? Absolutely not. A daily bath is fine, but if your skin is dry, irritated or more sensitive – such as older people or babies – it is better to limit the time you spend in the bath or shower.

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The privilege of not washing

So it turns out that some celebrities don’t wash their kids too rarely, I probably wash them too often. According to specialists from the Cleveland Clinic, children up to 11 years of age should be bathed two to three times a week. For those aged 6 to 11, the frequency of bathing should be as low as possible. Teenagers should switch to daily bathing and washing their face twice a day.

A still from the series “Sex in the Big City” (Photo: press materials)

“Many people cannot afford those strange, meager baths once a week that you convince” – she wrote on Twitter writer Roxane Gay. “Black people, poor people, immigrants, fat people – society has labeled all these groups” dirty “and I can assure you, we must not skip a bath.” Reductress criticized Gyllenhaal with the headline: “Brave: Another White Man Comes Out as Stinky.” Only Kuni, who was born in Russia and lived there until the age of 7, referred to her occasional bathing. – As a child, I didn’t have hot water at home, so I didn’t shower too often anyway – she said.

In my family, it is not the opinion of celebrities, but the pandemic that has caused a looseness in the issue of daily washing. After the initial frantic scrubbing of our hands every time we got home, we found that there are far fewer people and events for which we want to shower. (“Limit people-to-people contact. Limit showers,” as the New York Times headline summed it up).

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