According to a fairly well-known insider, the media event of The Last of Us 2 would not be the only Sony event scheduled for the week of September 24th, perhaps with a new State of Play coming.

It seems that this September is destined to be decidedly hot regarding the news regarding PS4, judging by what is emerging online in these hours, including a possible new Sony event scheduled towards the end of the month and dedicated to the PlayStation world.

After announcing the media event on The Last of Us 2 for September 24, 2019, there may, therefore, be another important appointment organized by Sony in the same period. This is what the well-known insider ZhugeEX has reported in the past few hours, always quite reliable in his utterances.

Apparently, according to the character in question the media event of The Last of Us 2 “is not the only Sony event scheduled for that week”, so there would be another around September 24th. Given the recent organization adopted by the Japanese company, it could be a new State of Play, since it has been a while since there was the talk of a possible new episode coming up in this regard. We, therefore, await any developments on the issue, also bearing in mind possible changes that could emerge during the Tokyo Game Show 2019 starting this week.

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