Dog eats $4,000 of owner’s money | Video

dog is Mankind’s best friend,no doubt. However, in many cases, these innocent life partners may instill certain fears in us, ultimately ending in “tragedy.”

This time, anyone’s worst nightmare happened, that is, after saving four thousand yuan, puppy a few Pennsylvaniaby name Claytondecided to eat up the vast majority of the bill, leaving them with a serious problem.

Couple recovers $4,000 swallowed by pet

The couple were shown the condition of their dog, who they described as a calm pet with no “criminal” history. torn banknotes On the floor of his house. So they decided to take the initiative to recover the money.

Video shows how Couple had to wait for dog to return moneyto see if they could recover even a little bit of what was lost, in fact they showed how the “lomito” returned part of the bill.

From there, both of the creature’s “parents” wore gloves and washed the bills, and as they dried them, they started clinging to whatever they could.Finally, the couple pointed out They recovered $3,550so “getting your hands dirty” and working for a few hours pays off.

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