Dog who stood next to the bodies of tutors after a car accident in Bahia recovers from fractures: ‘took care, kept, loved’ – Acorda Cidade

Photo: Reproduction / TV Santa Cruz

The dog that was next to the bodies of the tutors after a car accident, almost a week ago, on the BR-101, in the district of São João do Paraíso, in the municipality of Mascote, located in the south of Bahia, is recovering from a fracture in the pelvis and dislocation in one of the legs.

The accident happened on Saturday (14). Shakira’s behavior caught the attention of first responders from the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu).

Her tutors, Jairo Ferreira de Melo, 61, and Rita de Cassia Guilherme Weyll, 51, died after the car they were in overturned, but the dog survived. Even injured, she made guard and security at the place.

Photo: Reproduction / TV Santa Cruz

“We came across the victims and what caught our attention was that among them was a female dog. She was protecting and taking care of her owners,” said one of the rescuers who were at the scene.

After the first consultation, Shakira went to the house of friends of the couple who died and who are also guardians of the dog’s mother. They said that the animal’s behavior caught the attention of those who were at the scene of the accident and that’s why Samu’s rescuers still call to find out how her recovery is.

“It touched the rescuers. The rescuers call directly, because even though she was in a lot of pain, but she was not expressing the pain at the moment. Shakira’s behavior was to love even what she no longer had a life,” said the couple’s friend, lawyer Sádia Conceição Pitanga.

“She lived up to those lives that loved her so much. She took care of it, kept it, loved it and that translated because she was so loved,” she said.

Photo: Reproduction / TV Santa Cruz

Shakira took some exams and the tutors are now waiting for the results for her to have an operation.

“Now we just have to wait for the results of the exams to have her surgery and see her with greater love”, said computer technician Sandro Nunes.

The dog will recover and live with her mother and sisters. They are in another property because together they get very agitated. Shakira needs rest to recover.

Sandro and Sádia practically had joint custody of Shakira and she was at their house before the accident. The computer technician says that the dog is more than an animal, it is a source of memories of good times with friends.

“I don’t even have words to say, because I was the last person to see them alive, because they passed and took her before traveling. I think I was the last person to see them.”

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