Doja Cat goes after her fans and pisses them off

The American artist has angered many fans after attacking some fans on Twitter this weekend.

Doja Cat is in conflict with a portion of its audience. The American artist has angered many fans after he attacked some fans on social networks this weekend.

As reported by the Pop Crave account, Doja Cat made the exclusive claim during a conversation with a fan on Twitter, who asked her to tell him she loves him, that she doesn’t appreciate her audience.

“I don’t like you because I don’t even know you,” she replied in a since-deleted series of tweets.

“You would be nothing without us”

Another Doja Cat fan replied to the singer saying, “We don’t know you, but we’ve been there for you through thick and thin. Without us, you’d be nothing. You’d be working at a grocery store and making songs on Garage Band.”

interpreter of say so replied: “Nobody forced you, I don’t know why you talk to me as if you are my mother, you talk like crazy”. In the process, Doja Cat also attacks the name given to her community, “Kittenz”.

He tweeted, “My true fans don’t make up names. If you call yourself a ‘kitten’ or a ‘kitten’, put your phone down, get a job and help your parents around the house.”

These conditions did not fail to elicit a reaction from Doja Cat fans. Some of them got angry and frustrated by these comments and went to the extent of suspend their accounts Dedicated to the singer on social networks.

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