Dollar Prices, November 19, 2023: What is the exchange rate in Mexico?

Financial business has ended this Sunday, November 19th, but it doesn’t hurt to know the dollar exchange rate. It should be noted that the Mexican peso is appreciating daily against the US dollar. It ended the week at $17.23. This is one of the highest levels in recent years. So, here you can see how much it costs to buy and sell different banking entities in the country.

Dollar buying and selling prices – November 19th

  • agree with – Purchase: 16.40 Mexican Pesos Sell: 17.90 Mexican Pesos
  • aztec bank – Buy: 16.55 Mexican Pesos Sell: 17.65 Mexican Pesos
  • base bank – Buy/Sell: 17.00 Mexican Pesos
  • Banorte – Buy: 16.45 Mexican Pesos Sell: 17.90 Mexican Pesos
  • BBVA – Buy: 16.53 Mexican Pesos Sell: 17.66 Mexican Pesos
  • citybanamex – Buy: 16.80 Mexican Pesos Sell: 17.83 Mexican Pesos
  • scotiabank – Purchase: 16.00 Mexican Pesos Sell: 19.20 Mexican Pesos

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How is the dollar rate calculated?

It is worth mentioning that the equivalence of the Mexican peso with other foreign currencies is calculated based on the prevailing rate of the Mexican peso against the US dollar in the international market on the day the payment is made. These citations will be publishedby national credit agencies at the request of interested parties.

Banxico reported on September 23, 2015. The last time this level was seen, the dollar was trading at 16 units.

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