Dominant Q1 as Juventus overwhelms Udinese in Serie A debut

Juventus started Serie A on the right foot. This Sunday, the old lady visited Udinese at the Dacia Arena, unaware of her opponents, and left the field with a 3-0 victory thanks to goals from Chiesa, Blachovic from the penalty spot and Rabiot. .

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Juventus will return to action next Sunday with the first official match of the season, the second round of the Italian Championship against Bologna at 1:30pm (Brasilia time) at the Allianz Stadium. Udinese will play Salernitana on August 28 at 1:30pm.

overwhelming first half

It took just two minutes for Juventus to take the lead. Udinese missed the ball, but Vlahovic remained in possession and played in place of Chiesa. Chiesa had the upper hand at the entrance to the area and fired a strong shot into the corner, but the rival goalkeeper had no chances.

Twenty minutes later Vlahovic this time converted a perfect penalty to move the goalkeeper to make it 2-0 and put Juventus in a very comfortable situation away from home.

Rabiot still had time before the hiatus. He took advantage of an erroneous dismissal by goalkeeper Silvestri who “hunted butterflies” when attempting to intercept a cross and headed behind the goal to lead Juve to victory at Eudyne.

cook the other on low heat

In the second half, Juventus had only managed to manage the excellent first-half advantage and Massimiliano Allegri was able to force two substitutions at half-time. Timothy Ware and Fabio Miletti left the field and Fagioli and McKennie were brought on.

Cambiasso was replaced by Illing-Junior and Chiesa was replaced by Milik, but Juventus’ resilience score remained unchanged. Therefore, Massimiliano Allegri’s side simply killed time to secure an important win in the opening round of the Italian Championship.

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