Dominique Besnehard’s regret regarding Vanessa Paradis

He was notably the artistic agent of big names such as Jeanne Moreau, Alain Chabat, Cédric Kahn, Anna Karina, Sophie Marceau, Isabelle Adjani, Charles Aznavour, Claire Denis, François Ozon, Guy Bedos, and Eva Green… now famous Dominique Besnehard was Julia Vignali’s guest on Europe 1 on Sunday September 10, 2023. Also a film producer, Dominique Besnehard joined the Artmedia agency in 1986 where he began to make a name for himself in the industry artistic. His explosive journey was, moreover, the source of inspiration for the series 10 percent. So even if during his long career Dominique Besnehard was able to rub shoulders with many French and international celebrities, this does not mean that he did not have regrets about his professional choices. Among them, that of letting actress and singer Vanessa Paradis pass.

That’s his job, to identify potential emerging talents. Unfortunately, it turns out that sometimes tough choices have to be made. “Are there any actresses or actors whose agent you would have dreamed of being?” asks Julia Vignali on Europe 1. To which he replies: “I would have liked to be Jean Gabin’s agent , but hey, when I arrived, he had already left. However, I made a big mistake with Vanessa Paradis. Her uncle had come to see me at the time. But as I am a righteous person, and ( …) at that time, I already had Elsa.” Julia Vignali then specifies: “At that time, there was (…)

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