Donald Trump has a serious problem. The prosecutor’s office calls for testimony

The summons was issued on Monday by New York Attorney General Letitia James. As is clear from court documents, she requests the summons to testify and disclose documents “in connection with an investigation into the valuation of owned and controlled real estate” by Trump Organization.

Serious allegations

The prosecution accuses Trump, himself and his two children that they underestimated the value of Trump Organization real estate to pay lower taxes and overstated it when they applied for loans. In July, Trump’s company was accused by New York State authorities of tax fraud in the amount of PLN 900,000. dollars.

The two nearly three-year-long investigations into the Trump Organization case are related, but not identical, and were conducted jointly by Letitia James and the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance. A criminal investigation led by the district attorney’s office will now be overseen by Alvin Bragg, who took over as Vance on Saturday.


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In December, Trump sued a federal court to stay the investigation of the New York Attorney General. In this way, he wanted to prevent questioning of himself and his family members, and to prevent James from being involved in civil or criminal proceedings against him or his businesses.


Trump’s political return questionable

Accusing the Trump Organization could affect a company’s relationship with banks and business partners and complicate Trump’s political future who is considering running again in the US presidential election in 2024 – commented Reuters.

The Trump Organization manages hundreds of Donald Trump-owned businesses, including hotels, golf courses, media, marketing, and real estate businesses. When Trump was president of the United States, his sons Donald Jr. and Eric managed the company, and Ivanka worked at her father’s company before he took office.




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