Donald Trump, Paris Hilton, Michael Jordan, Kim Kardashian… discover their fabulous decorations!

kat von d


Are you looking for an original idea for your next Halloween? Here’s a great option for anyone with a pool: Paint it red! That’s what famous makeup artist and Steve-O’s ex-wife Kat Von D did, whose mansion looks like a haunted castle. He has since sold it for around 7 million euros. Note, by the way, that this can be very practical when you actually have a corpse to hide…

Michael Jordan

Welcome to the club !

Golf, Tennis, Basketball? If you can afford the legendary basketball player’s luxurious Chicago villa, this is a real vacation club you deserve! And, the good news is that being heavily personalized, it hasn’t found a buyer for over ten years, owing to the massive 23 sitting on the portal. Due to which its price increased from 29 million euros to 13.5 million. With 9 bedrooms and 19 bathrooms, this is a real bargain for anyone who manages to climb to the top of the basket!

Kylie Jenner

Design close to his heart

She wanted a fun, fresh space that was full of positive emotions. And it sure is that with such a profusion of pink, Kylie could hardly have missed her target! A stark contrast to her older sister Kim and her huge white house, one of the young billionaire’s villas was filled with works of art, especially Warhols, and then sequins, feathers, gold, silver … A hot girl in color Perfect for!

katy perry

an “old fashioned” girl

She had lots, great houses, our crazy singer. But the one she shared with her short-term husband, Russell Brand, between 2009 and 2011 was undoubtedly one of the most original… Rare woods, wrought iron, marble, the river surrounding the villa, Zen gardens, ancestral tapestries, we Old objects are kept in the museum of handmade art. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to bring anything beautiful to their pair.

Paris Hilton

His dogs have everything, everything!

We can say that there really is a beast of life in them! Mr. Amazing, Marilyn Monroe, Dolce, Prada, Max… Miss Hilton’s little furballs have a home of their own. And it sends kibble! Bone-shaped pool, luxury furniture, crystal chandeliers, the shack would still cost around 293,000 euros! And all this before peeing on silk sheets! oh my dog…

Will Smith


In the early 2000s, tired of always being on the road for filming, the slightly fast-handed actor presented himself with a truck resembling a villa. baptism Heat, It has a kitchen, a dining room, two living rooms, a bedroom, an office, a dressing room, a bathroom with a sauna, a make-up studio and fourteen TVs… on two floors. And all this for a modest amount of 2.26 million euros. The only problem: the ultra kitsch woodwork. When it comes to decor, he takes daring routes!

Donald Trump

desire versailles edition

Before entering the White House, former Presidents of the United States preferred that their residence be decorated with gold. It’s very simple: His three-story penthouse, located on Fifth Avenue in New York, is covered floor-to-ceiling in marble and 24-karat gold casting, the latter painted with scenes inspired by Greek mythology. Purified for that is rotten!

Kim Kardashian

white spirit

in the california mansion she calls her “Minimal Math”, Only the flowers and the character of the hostess shine! For the rest, it’s white, gray or beige from floor to ceiling. “I feel like there’s so much chaos in the world that when I come home I wish it was really quiet and everything was soothing.” explained to kim the trend, In February 2022. At the time, it seemed scary enough!

Bella Thorne

everything and vice versa

The ex-Disney star’s former home in Sherman Oaks was a reflection of her career: an impossible mix between the pink and syrupy world of childhood and the dark and spooky world of one of the horror movies in which she now stars. What is surprising if there are plump strawberries and glasses of blood on the table and half-fluff, half-stuffed crows on his bed. Actually it is not his department to choose. And his style is Thorn and Thru.

cara delevingne


It’s common knowledge: The English actress and model is pretty crazy. And his house in Los Angeles is in her image. It features designer pieces, a ball pool and… a vagina tunnel! Hidden by a paneling in the living room, you enter through an enormous vulva surrounded by a bullet clitoris and it leads to one of the bedrooms, through the washing machine door. What to wash souls, even the most imaginative!

Annabelle Gentz ​​and Louise Monteil

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