Donbass: The positions of the Ukrainian border guards were shelled

On Wednesday morning, the border guard positions on the demarcation line near the checkpoint were fired upon “Marjinka” in the Donetsk region – we read in the border guard’s announcement.

The opponent took advantage of 82 mm mortars. Three loads hit the place where the guards were on duty. As a result of the gunfire, no one was killed or injured. Defensive fortifications were damaged – handed over.

“The armed formations of the Russian Federation continue to disregard the agreements on a total and comprehensive ceasefire on the demarcation line,” the border guard said. IN Donbas a ceasefire agreement between Ukrainian troops and pro-Russian separatists has been in force since last July, which the negotiators of Ukraine, Russia and the OSCE achieved under the so-called contact group. However, the truce is broken.

On Tuesday, the main intelligence management of the Ukrainian defense ministry announced that Russian-controlled forces in the Donbas are increasing combat readiness and are conducting large maneuvers with the participation of reservists. At the same time, the activation of the Russian propaganda media was observed“to prepare further false materials that would discredit” Ukrainian forces, “it was noted.

On Monday, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba He stated that “Russia has increased the intensity of disinformation, including by unjustifiably accusing Ukraine of allegedly preparing for a military attack in the Donbas.” He assured that Ukraine is not planning an offensive military operation in the east of the country.

Earlier that day, a spokesman for the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov Ukraine said it has “aggressive ideas” with regard to the Donbas territories. He also announced that, in Russia’s view, Ukraine was preparing for a violent solution to the problem of separatist so-called people’s republics in the Donbass.


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