Don’t be fooled when you buy an iMac with an M1 chip

When buying a Mac with the M1, M1 Pro or M1 Max chip, you should carefully read the technical specifications, because there are not many differences in the description, and the difference in price and performance can be a lot. We invite you to read our guide in order not to make any mistakes.

In November last year, Apple introduced the first three models of computers with the M1 chip. Among them was the MacBook Air. A little later, in May this year, iMacs with the same system went on sale. It is with these computers that a problem can arise when purchasing them. This is due to the fact that the M1 system is available in two variants. Both have an 8-core CPU, but a choice of 7-core or 8-core GPU is available. Of course, the version with a more efficient graphics chip is definitely more expensive. Some retailers use this cleverly.

In the official Apple iMac store with a 7-core graphics chip, it costs PLN 6,799, and for a more efficient model with an 8-core GPU you need to pay at least PLN 7,899. It’s no secret that in the Apple Store, in most cases, the prices of devices are more expensive than those of the competition, but there are exceptions.

iMac with M1 - prices

What to watch out for when buying an iMac with an M1?

It is different, for example, in the Amazon store. It offers “Apple iMac MJV93D / A 24 Inch, All-In-One Computer, Apple M1, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB, 8-core GPU, macOS Big Sur, Blue”. As the name suggests, the sale is an iMac with an 8-core CPI and an 8-core GPU, but it isn’t. When you open the offer, the computer with a 7-core GPU is displayed by default. If that was not enough, these computers are more expensive than in the Apple Store. The cheaper model costs PLN 7 420.71, and the more expensive PLN 8 861.63.

iMac on Amazon

Assuming Apple branded devices are typically cheaper than the competition, it’s easy to fall for them. Therefore, you should read the specification of the computer you buy very carefully, because you can easily lose a few hundred.

Differences between the cheaper and more expensive iMac

It is worth adding that in the case of both iMac configurations, there are definitely more differences than just the number of graphics cores. The more expensive model has a keyboard with Touch ID, four, not two, USB-C ports and a power supply with an Ethernet socket.

keyboard with Touch ID

There is one more very important thing that Apple does not inform about. The cheaper model has a cooling system that consists of one fan. The more expensive one has two fans and a heat pipe, which additionally protects the M1 system from reaching high temperatures. Thanks to the better cooling system, thermal throttling appears much later, i.e. a mechanism that slows down the operation of the system so that it does not overheat, and as a result, higher efficiency is achieved. You can see and hear more about it on YouTube on the Max Tech channel.

Launch the video

To sum up, the iMac with an 8-core graphics system is a computer that, thanks to a more efficient cooling system, achieves better performance than its cheaper counterpart, but the choice must be made consciously. Even the cheaper iMac model will meet the requirements of more advanced users. Therefore, read the specifications of your computer carefully before purchasing it.

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