Don’t have a new console yet? Make the most of the older one!

Watching the active price increase of ninth-generation consoles, I sometimes feel inspired to become a committed retro fan. In social media I observe numerous groups related to “playing after hours”. There are a lot of people who do not avoid the old pixel-art, lumpy characters, bitmap surroundings, outdated sound formats. They don’t use YouTube as a source of nostalgia, but they take part in it. Despite the passage of decades. However, not everyone prefers this form of entertainment. Some will consider it a great, educational trip into the rich history of our industry, the rest will follow the blow of new releases.

There is still a lack of new generation equipment on store shelves or rather windows. Retail is becoming an ever wider echo of prehistory. Let today’s post become an inspiration for those who still can’t get a better console. Be it for technical or financial reasons. Console prices have gone up, even those from previous generations. So it’s time to squeeze as much out of what we already have. You will be surprised how much good is still hidden in worn-out appliances. In addition, they participate in the publishing machine and will be there for a long time to come.

Time of nostalgia

PS5 vs.  XOne

The megapopularity of retro consoles, which has been growing in recent years, is more and more surprising. Online auctions are bursting at the seams with offers from less known producers offering their own propositions. The classics are always in fashion. Otherwise, the publishers would not treat players with tons of refreshments or re-editions. The current generation of consoles is still in the boot process. This state of affairs is not expected to change any time soon. Another trend is worth looking at. In fact, having a PS5 / XSX where we spend the most time? The catalog is growing very moderately, but the pace is not adequate to, for example, the previous term. People are complaining en masse about the greater lack of titles constructed exclusively for the next-gen scene. The publishing machine bought itself some time thanks to backward compatibility. Hence, I read hundreds of reviews ironically referring to playing the same positions on new consoles. Nostalgia is a powerful force, no doubt about it. However, are we talking about retro when considering games from 2015 onwards?

A highly debatable issue. When I managed to get my PS5, the first thing to do was to test my favorite games of the PS4 / X1 era. Ironically, this one didn’t end at all. The initiative behind the Xbox Game Pass services is also making progress in re-delivering famous gems in improved quality. Eventually we’ll start to wonder if we really need new games? Or maybe all of this is slowly making a vicious circle? While the above paragraph seems like an exaggeration, there is a pinch of truth to it. Over the last year, I have noticed an increased activity of groups who like retrofitting. I sincerely admire such people. They can still, with the stubbornness of a maniac, transform the passion of their early youth into today’s standards. Sometimes you feel like refreshing your favorite game from a decade or two ago. The classic Resident Evil trilogy can still force me to an hour-long session. It’s a pity it’s getting harder and harder to play on the official distribution path. Mainly remains the PlayStation Store and the need to have a PS3 / PSP / PS Vita.

Malicious people will tell you the magic slogan “emulation”. Will nostalgia win with the technical drive to visual perfection? Probably not. Today, however, game producers do not particularly focus on one generation of consoles. The number of intergenerational releases suggests that the situation will last more or less until the end of next year. Thus, PS4 / Xbox One got another youth. Each of the previous generations has been extended in some way. During the 7th cycle, these were motion controllers. Now? The logistic brake was applied by the pandemic and, a little earlier, reinforced models of older consoles. As for nostalgia, the producers are also not slowing down. Now you can buy Nintend’s Game & Watch on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda. The price is over PLN 200. Since there is supposedly nothing to play, maybe it’s time for retro? Within reason, of course.

Time of returns

Retro consoles

The complications with the availability of the current generation do not cease. Demand is knocking out supply, scalping still knows no bounds. So is human stupidity in overpaying. So the time has come to squeeze out as much as possible from what we already have. Interestingly, the prices of older generation consoles are also slowly going up. Any day the moment will come when the only option to buy is the Internet. Shops have known this for a long time. Given the massive PS4 / Xbox One library, here’s what to do. I myself recently decided to tap into Remedy’s recent legacy, Quantum Break. I had a great time. Known, systemic foundations spiced with the illusion of control over the passage of time and the forces of influence. There are still plenty of such endless attractions from the past generation. I suspect that many of you could boast of a long backlog. And yet, we are chasing the new one constantly.

Let’s squeeze as much as possible. Recently, I have also noticed a trend towards the popularity of these less dependent games. The case of boxed editions is similar. The nostalgic beauty of Ken: Bridge of Spirits is based on the heyday of the Nintendo GameCube and PS2 platformers. The boxed version of the game will become a rarity any day now. In other words, as if more people are now hitting independence. Is it because the indie scene is a perfect mirror for memories? From my perspective, this is what is happening. In the face of more and more mistakes of the most powerful producers on the gaming market, the independent scene is a beautiful alternative. A new generation is unnecessary here, because this past one is doing great. Numerous sales like Remasters & Retro and India speak for themselves. We are all chasing nostalgia. We point out more and more mistakes to large publishers. Hence, I believe that the current generation of consoles is primarily a time of miracles for independent gaming.

Kena, Tormented Souls or the wonderful Hollow Knight: Silksong, assuming. The next year will not change much in this matter. The new generation will continue to be a deficit, while the AA sector will prove to be a strongly preferred choice. Playing the game on the older generation, therefore, is not exactly “standing still” today. In the past, this is how players with this approach were referred to. The situation has changed dramatically. Publishers are more careful with strong investments, more recycling today than freshness. Independent studies are pulling indigenous species out of a market niche. History comes full circle, and having a next-gene does not define a new quality. So far, it’s still cosmetic. Time to squeeze what we can out of what we already have.

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