Don’t leave me, after the film comes the series based on the novel by Ishiguro

After being transposed into a hit film in 2010, the novel by Nobel laureate Kazuo Ishiguro Don’t leave me will become a television series. To report the news in preview is Variety, which gives the first details on the project.

It was FX who ordered the making of a series Melissa Iqbal to write the serial adaptation. Iqbal will be the show runner on the series, having worked on writing The Nevers for HBO alongside Joss Whedon, in addition to AMC’s Humans series. The original film was written by Alex Garland, writer and director very well versed in science fiction and author of Annihilation and Ex Machina with Oscar Isaac.

There is obviously a lot of curiosity about the casting of the series. Over time, the three young protagonists of the English film have become three key names in the contemporary cinema scene.

Do not leave me

Do not leave me
Kathy H. is a caregiver who supports patients during organ donations. She in a long flashback she remembers her childhood and adolescence spent in the English college of Hailsham, her friendship with …
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What Don’t Leave Me is about, which will soon become a series

In the 2010 film directed by Mark Romanek the three protagonists were in fact Carey Mulligan (A promising woman), Keira Knightley (Atonement) and Andrew Garfieldmuch talked about after his return as Spider-Man in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The film very faithfully adapts the plot of the novel, a delicate one melodrama with important sci-fi influences. The story centers on a love triangle between three young people who grew up in an orphanage. The childhood, youth and relationships between the three are told from the point of view of Kathy (Carey Mulligan), a silent and judicious girl who has always been secretly in love with Tommy (Andrew Garfield) and a friend of Ruth (Keira Knightley) who is more outgoing and outgoing. her.

As the three kids grow up and their relationship becomes complicated, the reader explores the strange orphanage where the three grow up and the mysterious purposes it pursues. Writer Ishiguro uses a subdued but sinister vision of the future to reflect on what makes human beings human and how much one life is worth over another according to the conventions of the society in which people live.

If you’ve never seen the 2010 movie, you can retrieve it on Disney +.

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