“Don’t look further”: Antoine Griezmann’s firm response to a famous journalist

Recently Antoine Griezmann was attacked by a famous journalist. This is enough to upset the famous footballer who did not hesitate to give a quick answer to his interlocutor.

He is one of the iconic players of the French football team. It was about 2014 whenAntoine Griezmann has been selected for the Blues for the first time, Since then, the famous striker has proven himself till he was selected as the co-captain of the national team. ,My role as vice-captain does not change me, whether on or off the field. I’m very open, I like to laugh, make everyone feel comfortable. On the ground, I try to settle down two or three things strategically”, He said this in a press conference.

A strong-willed, cheerful and perfectionist nature that especially attracts football fans. However, their calm character does not prevent them from breaking out of a person’s bondage Questions his role as a father.

Antoine Griezmann tackles a journalist on Twitter

For weeks now, football fans have witnessed a wave of football stars leaving Saudi Arabia. As mentioned, an option that Antoine Griezmann understands perfectly RMC Sport. “I understand that for those who are forced to leave, we’re talking about incredible sums. Even though we make a lot of money, some want protect their children and their grandchildren, it seems normal to me, he declared to our allies.

A confidence that did not take long to respond to the journalist Thibaud Leplat, who was quick to take Erica Choperena’s husband to task. “Stupid question: pass it on to your children and grandchildren They don’t have to work to maintain their lifestyle, does this keep them sheltered or, conversely, at risk?,, he reacted on Twitter. Instead of keeping his tongue in his pocket, the latter was quick to reply to him that he is still on the web. “Don’t worry about my children’s education. Having money doesn’t mean doing nothing. Look no further than my answer.”, he insisted. Clear, crisp and accurate!

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