“Don’t look up” because doom awaits just beyond the orbit [recenzja]

Netflix gave us a satire of the present day, ourselves and the tools we use. Don’t look up is a cinematic hybrid of memoirs and our greatest fears that reminds you of that You can panic.

Netflix productions, i.e. the ubiquitous slackness and slackness

For the production Netflix I’ve been approaching with more and more caution lately, and actually less and less often at all – usually I just skip them. I’ve been disappointed too many times. Excessive sloppy or slackness – Netflix rarely goes the other way, and after numerous attempts to approach the alleged hits of this platform, such as Midnight Heaven, Bal or any holiday suggestions Netflix, I became convinced that the target of this brand is far from my film expectations.

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It is true that in the meantime such gems, such as even Particles of a woman and it looks like that Don’t scald up to my surprise, he will join this group. I did not expect much from this title, because from experience I assume that such high-profile productions that hit mainstream Netflix it’s just not my cup of tea. However, in this case, the cast intrigued me from the beginning. As long as the presence in the film Ariany Grande, Kid Cudiego if Meryl Streep, who recently tries everything and nothing (mentioned Ball even) it was not a determinant of quality for me, what’s more – it confirmed even more in the thought that I would rather skip the session Don’t look up it was so hard for me to believe that Leonardo DiCaprio after the phenomenal roles in The Great Gatsby, The Wolf of Wall Street, Revenant if Once upon a time … in Hollywood the acting phenomenon of recent years – Timothée Chalamet or less delightful Jennifer Lawrence and Cate Leonardo DiCaprio they would take part in something they might be ashamed of afterwards. Following this lead, I gave the latest production Netflix a chance and – attention, spoiler! – I was gone from the first minutes.

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Don’t look up – see the trailer!

Don’t look up. Not only the end of the world

At the outset, it should be noted that the latest film Adam McKay it does not present anything revolutionary and groundbreaking for the world of cinema. After all, the subject of doom lurking around the corner has already been told in many different ways. Although to flatten the message of this film only to the thread of doom would be quite a sign of ignorance. Don’t look up for it deals with several other social issues, perhaps even more important than the apocalypse itself.

However, before we start talking about Don’t look up I must admit that I love all things related to the cosmos, all related to this science-fiction topic, etc. I emphasize it because I realize that I could be simply biased towards this film, although it seems to me that it is my hobby sneak peak this subject makes me an even more strict and demanding viewer. On that, the movie Adam McKay It absolutely did not let me down – it was without kitschy animations, and all the space scenes that I saw on the screen gave me a sincere cry: “WOW”. Yes, Don’t look up it was just fun to watch. It’s a solid two and a half hours of good shots, complemented by skilful editing that steadily steered my emotions. But exactly – this film was probably not so much about its aesthetics as about the emotions it was supposed to evoke in us. In me, it caused me.

NEtflix Don't look up for a review
Don’t look up – film frame

A species hybrid. An emotional rollercoaster

It took me a moment to find myself in the style of this film. After the first dozen or so minutes, I wasn’t sure if I was watching a comedy, drama, science-fiction or what exactly? Is it fair to laugh in the face of the impending catastrophe? Is it possible to panic now? I quickly realized that I didn’t need to know it – I could surrender to the plot, hand over to the scriptwriters and honestly react to the events they served on the screen. I realized just as quickly that Don’t look up it is an extremely deliciously balanced fusion of all these genres, a film of those in which laughter is mixed with sobbing and moments of terror, which in this case I consider to be a great value. Creators Don’t look up decided to balance on a fairly thin border, where one “too much” in either side could affect the success of the whole, and yet they managed to accomplish the almost impossible and make that in the face of such a real catastrophe, with which it is not difficult to identify , I allowed myself a moment of sincere laughter and – most importantly – I didn’t feel bad about it.

In this way, quite a long, for today’s standards of living, the time of the film passed me in the blink of an eye, and the dynamic plot was so absorbing that I completely forgot about the real world. The aforementioned actors took care of that, whose roles – yes, they were often exaggerated, but it did not offend me in any way, because I felt that they were supposed to be like that. It was interesting to watch DiCaprio, who jumped out of his suit in order to play the role of a plain, gray, parochial and old-fashioned boomer, rebellious figure Lawrence it was a bit irritating, but in the end I can’t imagine that it would be any other, tender rogue Chalamet in my opinion, this is the most interesting acting flavor of this film, a Meryl Streep in the bored role the US President, contrary to appearances, was in my opinion the most grotesque and comedic aspect of this film. However, is there really anything to laugh at?

NEtflix Don't look up for a review
Don’t look up – film frame

Don’t look up – bittersweet picture of reality

From the very first scenes Don’t look up feel that we are observing our own reflection in a crooked mirror. A reflection of us, humanity and society. The reflection at times is excessively hyperbolized, but maybe this is what it must be like for us to be able to look at ourselves and objectively assess the place we are going to?

A film, and even more so a comedy, is by definition something that is supposed to detach us from reality, but Don’t look up It was not so much a detachment, but an ordinary image of the reality in which we already find ourselves in part. Scientists are calling for social mobilization in the face of the ecological catastrophe, which may come true sooner than we think. Meanwhile, we, like a film heroine Meryl Streep, We calmly wave our hand at it, because there is always something more important to do, something more “here and now”, something that does not concern us globally but directly and that no one else will do.

After the screening Don’t look up I had a few important reflections left in my head, but one of them sounded the most vividly – I hope that in the face of a real threat, we will behave as humanity more responsibly. Or maybe we should already…?

Bon Iver – Second Nature (from film Don’t look up)

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